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The East District of Taipei has always attracted many people with its unique shops and popular restaurants. In addition to shopping and food, the East District also has many massage and relaxation options.this time TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 recommended massage shops in Taipei East District. There are foot massages that are suitable for you to go in for a massage when you are tired from shopping, as well as SPA and ear therapy for relaxing the whole body.With numerous massage options in the East District, everyone can relieve body tension and pamper themselves.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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LaForet is located next to Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station Exit 5. It is a female-only massage spa shop in Taipei East District.The store offers a full range of head-to-toe massage services for girls, using Aesop counter essential oils, focusing on the immersive experience of the five senses, such as opening with singing bowls to relax the mind, using white noise and lighting to create a comfortable environment, etc.In addition, there are also professional courses for hair removal and relief of discomfort during pregnancy, so that girls can entrust the important time of life here.

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Take out Tao Ears

Tao Ears is a 2-minute walk from MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station. Its main services are ear picking and ear candling, but not limited to the ears. Many ear picking programs also include full face massage, essential oil face, shoulder and neck massage, etc. , Delicate massage techniques allow customers to get perfect relaxation from the head to the upper body.The overall atmosphere is like turning on the night light before going to bed, relaxing on the bed and enjoying the sense of freedom. It is recommended for Taipei East District massagers who are looking for ear massage.

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rock plate beauty bath

Yanpan Mei Yu Yu has four branches in Taipei. Among them, the Guangfu store in the East District is near Exit 2 of the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. The overall atmosphere is very Japanese-style with forest wood tone, and the space makes people feel comfortable and relaxed.In addition to rock baths, the store also offers different full-body massage courses, such as Fushi Agate Deep Awakening, using natural ore with manual techniques and essential oils, which can have the effect of deep fascia relaxation. You can choose different courses according to your needs!

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Villalike Yuehe Manor

Villalike Yuehe Manor offers a variety of massage programs, ranging from oriental shiatsu massage, five-element energy oil pressure massage, ancient Thai meridian massage, hot oil pressure massage, rock bath, and even luxury and rare top-level massage for two people with four hands. There is absolutely something for everyone.Ginger tea and free foot bath service will be provided before the massage. It is a very considerate massage shop in Taipei East District.

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Jinle Foot Health Club

Jinle Foot Body Health Club has 2 branches in Taipei. Bade Club is close to Breeze Plaza and Star Judgment. It is a convenient massage option in Taipei East District after singing with friends and shopping.The package can be used across halls, mainly for foot massage, but when soaking feet, hot towels will be provided for shoulder and neck massage, and tea can also be enjoyed.The store also has a personal foot massage box, which is very friendly to guests who care about privacy.

Nara Thai Wellness

Nara Thai Health Center is a 4-minute walk from Zhongxiao Dunhua Station. It provides services such as Thai massage essential oil, ancient Thai massage, body exfoliation and aromatherapy hot oil.With Nanyang-style decoration, professional and considerate Thai massage, and finally biscuits, hot tea, and Nanyang-style coconut milk sweet soup, even if it is just a massage in Taipei East District, it feels like a trip to Thailand to relieve stress.

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Momentum Sports Massage Parlor

In addition to general massage parlors, sports massage is also a very suitable massage choice for modern people.The original power sports massage parlor was founded by athletes with rich experience in injuries, so they are very familiar with sports conditioning, fascia relaxation massage, and muscle strength training. You can experience the three-in-one service here at once, which can fundamentally improve muscle imbalances. The resulting soreness is suitable for sedentary office workers who want to improve muscle soreness or stiff shoulders and necks.

Tango Era

The founding team of Tango Era is a tango teacher. Because of long-term muscle soreness during exercise, he exclusively developed a set of techniques that combines European massage, essential oil SPA, Chinese meridian massage, and Western sports massage, which can effectively improve muscle soreness and emphasize the massage process. pain.If you are afraid of traditional massage techniques that go deep into your tendons, then this Taipei East District massage is definitely a good news for those who are afraid of pain but are troubled by body aches.

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Loving Mother Brothers and Feet Health Club

The Loving Mother Brothers and Foot Health Center is very close to Exit 3 of Zhongxiao Dunhua Station. It provides foot massage and full body massage. It is open from 60:90 am to 120:XNUMX am.Time-based charging is adopted, and XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX minutes can be selected. After the massage, there will be hot tea to comfort the tense body and mind.

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Cedarwood Manor SPA

Cedarwood SPA Manor has two branches. The Dunnan branch in the East District is located near the Xinyi Anhe MRT Station. It provides a variety of courses such as full-body essential oil SPA, Thai ancient conditioning massage, exfoliation, foot massage, scraping and cupping. The decoration is comfortable and professional, and the price is affordable. It is loved by many massage enthusiasts. The most special thing is that there is a self-service biscuit and drink area. After the massage, in addition to relaxing the body, mind and soul, the temple of the five internal organs is also taken care of.

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The above are the recommendations for massage in Taipei East District this time. TWOSEVENTHS 10 massage parlors in Taipei East District have been selected, some of which have been personally certified by Mysterious Guest.There are various massage options in East District, in addition to the common onesFoot massage,SPA In addition, it is recommended to try to relax the headZeer, and integrated into the kinematicsOsteopathicAndsports massage, if you want to see more high-quality massage shops in Taipei, don't miss this articleTaipei Massage Recommended Guide.

In addition to relieving physical and mental stress, massage can also promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, and help excrete toxins in the body through acupressure.However, if it can be combined with rock baths, sweat steaming screens, or even rehabilitation and other assistance, the body will be taken care of more comprehensively.Welcome to referenceRock bath in Taipei,Taipei steam roomWait for the article to plan a set of love yourself menu for yourself.

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