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Taipei Xinyi District Massage Recommended Directory

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Qinghetai Xinyi Guild Hall

Store introduction

# Thai Massage # Rock Bath # Open until 12 o’clock

Qinghetai Lutheran Association is only a 2-minute walk from Xiangshan Station. There is a special parking lot, making it very convenient to drive there. This Thai massage in Xinyi District, Taipei offers a variety of services, including ancient massage, essential oil massage, foot massage, and rock bath.
This massage parlor is luxurious and grand, and there are many Thai massages...

Bamboo rock bath

Store introduction

#BodyBeauty#Rock bath

Muzhu Rock Bath is located near Exit 1 of the City Hall MRT Station and is another Tianmu Rock Bath related enterprise.
The decoration is comfortable and relaxing, full of natural elements such as stone and wood. There are three types of rock baths to choose from: bathhouse, double box, and dome type. If you want to pamper yourself a little more, you can also purchase...

Cedarwood Manor SPA

Store introduction


Cedarwood Manor SPA World Trade Center is a 5-minute walk from Exit 5 of MRT World Trade Center Station. It is a newly opened Thai massage in Xinyi District in the past year. The transportation is very convenient.
The environment in the store is very comfortable, the space is beautifully created, and it is full of tropical style. There are single and double private rooms to choose from. ...

Hua Xiang Birds Thai Massage

Store introduction

#thaimassage#essential oil massage

Huaxiang Birds Thai Massage is a brightly lit and comfortable Xinyi District SPA studio located near the City Hall MRT station and in the building opposite Songshan High School.
It is very different from the ordinary Thai massage. It adopts a modern and simple style, combined with five elements essential oils, and uses essential oil plant therapy to relax the body, mind and soul...

Good Fun Space Meridian Massage Club

Store introduction

#meridianmassage#pregnant massage

Haofun Space Meridian Massage Club is located at Exit 4 of the City Hall MRT Station, a 2-minute walk away.
It focuses on Japanese simple style, with a comfortable and bright environment. Currently, there is only one master. The courses include whole body health conditioning and meridian conditioning for pregnant women. The master has created...

Contentment SPA Health Center

Store introduction

#Foot massage#Body massage#Essential oil massage

Xin Zhi Zhi SPA is a 2-minute walk from the City Hall MRT Station. This massage shop in Xinyi District believes that the feet are the second heart of the person. When the Qi and blood in the soles of the feet are smooth, fatigue can be eliminated, so they put a lot of effort into the foot massage. In addition to foot massage, we also provide full body massage, essential oil...

Thai Heart Exquisite SPA Health Center

Store introduction

#Thaimassage#Body essential oil SPA

Thai Heart Exquisite SPA Health Center is a high-quality massage parlor famous for its Thai massage, located near Yongchun MRT Station and Songshan MRT Station.
As soon as you step into the store, you can smell the aroma of essential oils and instantly relax your mind. The entire hotel is staffed by female masseurs, specializing in Thai ancient acupressure, full-body essential oil SPA,...

Xiaochunqiu Foot Health Center

Store introduction

#Foot massage#Full body massage

Xiao Chun Qiu Foot Health Center refers to a brand owned by Wu Chun Qiu. It is located on the first floor of A11, Xinyi Xintiandi, Taipei. It provides foot massage and full body massage.
The location of this massage parlor in Xinyi District is really designed for people shopping. You don’t have to worry about shopping for too long without a place to rest. Come to Xiaochunqiu Massage...

Zuqianli Foot Health Center

Store introduction

#Foot massage#Full body massage#Cupping and scraping

Zuqianli Foot Health Center is located near Yongchun MRT Station and has been open for many years. It is a local foot massage parlor in Xinyi District.
There are many service staff in the museum, and most of them are experienced; the services are traditional massage, including: foot massage, shoulder and neck massage, whole body stress relief, essential oil massage, cupping,...

Lele steam room

Store introduction

#火 steam片#Shiatsu massage

Lele Steam Room only takes 5 minutes to walk from Yongchun MRT Station. The transportation is convenient and the car is easy to park. The store has a beautiful environment, with a simple Korean feel that is very relaxing. The room has a high-quality jjim steam curtain made of pure natural jade, and a whole piece of Pakistani salt bricks.
The best thing is that Lele has a parent-child steam room...

Foot Kung Fu Health Center

Store introduction

#Foot massage#Body massage#Essential oil massage

Zu Kung Fu Health Center is only a 3-minute walk from Yongchun MRT Station. It is a regional massage parlor with a sense of the times.
In addition to foot massage, it also provides full body massage, essential oil massage, scraping, cupping, manicure, pedicure and other services, which can be said to be quite complete. Maybe it's because the store is relatively small...

Songzuti Health Club

Store introduction

#Foot massage#Full body massage#Guasha cupping

Songzu Body Health Club is located on Keelung Road, a 7-minute walk from the MRT World Trade Center Station. It is a stylishly decorated massage parlor in Xinyi District.
The decoration is very much like a hotel, giving people a professional and comfortable feeling; it provides foot massage, full body massage, scraping, cupping, pedicure and other services. The master's technical skills...

last of the last

The above are the recommendations for massage in Xinyi District, Taipei. TWOSEVENTHS 12 massage parlors in Xinyi District have been selected, among which some mysterious customers have personally experienced the parlors.

There are many massage shops in Xinyi District, including Thai massage, foot massage, steam room, rock bath, and various massage and stress relief services. I hope you can easily choose the shop that suits you to relax your muscles and release tight tendons. The network, the whole body is comfortable, and you can sleep well at night, so that your body can be fully rested!

For more massages in Taipei city, you can refer to:Zhongshan Area,Eastern District,Ximending massage recommendation;If time permits, if you want to go to New Taipei area for massage, you can refer totriple massage,Xinzhuang Massage,Luzhou massage recommendationWait for the article. In addition to massage services, you can also refer to other relaxation and stress relief services, such asBedrock bath,Sweat curtain,Foot massage,Essential Oil SPA,sports massageWaitTaipei Massage Recommended Guide.

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