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SUP stand-up paddles have become very popular in Taiwan in recent years. Because stand-up paddles can have a relatively close contact with the water without falling into the water, and wearing a life jacket gives a sense of security, many people who are afraid of water or who can't swim also Willing to choose SUP stand up paddle as the project to experience water sports for the first time.So what exactly is SUP?this time TWOSEVENTHS This time, I will answer the top 10 questions about stand-up paddle SUP, so that newcomers to SUP can swim happily on the water.

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Coach Johnson Introduction

Originally an otaku who was born as a laborer, he fell in love with the outdoors after being exposed to skiing.Obtained Canadian ski snowboard level XNUMX, double board level XNUMX, Australian stand up paddle level XNUMX, as well as swimming, lifesaving, lifeboat, canoe, and fitness instructor licenses.He is good at analyzing sports in a scientific way, and simplifies the teaching methods, so that more people who are not good at sports can quickly learn and fall in love with sports.Founded the Baodao Wild Children Outdoor Exploration Academy, gathering passionate and professional coaches to share knowledge and teach.

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What is SUP?

SUP Stand Up Paddle is a water sport, its full name is Stand Up Paddle, and it is often abbreviated as SUP. Because the activity involves standing on a special large floating board and using paddles to paddle forward, it is also called stand-up paddling. This kind of sport is usually performed in waters such as oceans, lakes or rivers, and can be used for leisure entertainment, fitness or competition. SUP allows people to enjoy the scenery on the water. It is also a good whole-body exercise and has a good training effect on the body's balance and core muscles.

What age is suitable for playing SUP?

Stand up paddle SUP has no age limit, no matter how old you are, as long as you have suitable buoyancy and safety measures, you can play.However, it is recommended to board with two adults before the age of 6 and wear a buoyancy vest to ensure safety; even if the elders are over XNUMX years old, as long as they are physically and mentally healthy, they can also play stand-up paddle happily.

What's the difference between a SUP stand up paddle and a canoe?

The SUP stand-up paddle is derived from the surfboard. Standing on the board in a standing position uses core strength to slide with a single paddle.The kayak is rowed in a sitting position. The design of the body of the boat allows the body to be fixed on the kayak. Because the body and lower limbs are supported, the core strength is used to exert force, and the sculls are used to row.

Are SUP paddles easier to fall into the water?

In fact, SUP stand-up paddles are as safe as canoes. Although stand-up paddles look similar to surfboards, they have high buoyancy and wide and long boards, so they are not easy to overturn.Stand-up paddle SUP can not only be played standing, kneeling, sitting, but also lying down, with high variability. Even if it falls into the water, there is still a foot rope connected to the stand-up paddle board. Because the board is flat, it will be more Canoes are better boarded.Generally speaking, SUP is extremely safe. Currently, there is no case of drowning in Taiwan under normal wind and waves.

Is it okay to play SUP if you can't swim?

SUP Stand Up Paddle Can't Swim It's No Problem!Stores with comprehensive services generally have three major safety guarantees for stand-up paddle sports: a board with high buoyancy, a foot rope connected to the board, and a buoyancy vest (or buoyancy pocket).For novices, as long as they choose a closed and calm sea area to practice at the beginning, there is almost no risk of falling into the water. Even in the process of learning to stand, as long as they have the guidance of professional coaches, the chance of falling into the water is not high.If you really fall into the water unfortunately, the general SUP course teaching will also instruct students how to get on the board again. With the equipment of the three major safety guarantees, even if you can't swim, you can get familiar with water sports from the stand up paddle SUP activity if you are afraid of water.

Can pets play SUP together?

Stand up paddle SUP is a very suitable water activity for dogs, cats and other pets to play with. Due to the large board area and strong buoyancy, pets are not easy to fall into the water. If it is a dog, it usually loves swimming, so you don’t have to worry about falling into the water.However, if you are worried about the safety of your furry child, there are also life jackets suitable for pets. Just ask the store in advance or prepare it yourself, and you can happily go out to sea with your furry child.

Why do you need to learn SUP stand up paddle?

SUP stand-up paddles are not easy to fall into the water because of their high buoyancy. Many people mistakenly think that they can easily enter the water to play after buying a board, but the hidden risks in the middle are not small. A good coach will let you learn from the following four aspects, in terms of safety and Professionalism is guaranteed.After learning the following basic skills, if you are interested in SUP and want to improve it, advanced skills such as walking board, fixed axis, jumping, etc. can make the SUP experience more interesting.

Environment and Safety

Because the risks hidden in each water area are different, local professional coaches will choose paddling routes suitable for different levels of students. During the process, they will also guide students to assess environmental risks, understand local laws and regulations, and learn environmental friendly education. According to the wind conditions, weather, wave conditions, currents, etc. of the day, students will understand the safety considerations for future stand-up paddle activities alone.

Introduction of equipment

Provide professional equipment according to the needs of students, use suitable board types to match the route selection, and provide different boards for students to try, so that students can understand better before purchasing equipment, and avoid wasting money on unsuitable equipment.

water safety

Instruct students how to wear a buoyancy suit correctly, how to use a buoyancy suit to float safely on the water, how to use the foot rope correctly, how to fall into the water easily and efficiently, and water rescue, etc.

correct rowing posture

Many people who have not taken the course mistakenly think that it is easy to fall when standing up, or that it is easier to paddle while sitting. In fact, correct SUP rowing skills can avoid arm soreness after the activity and reduce the risk of falling into the water.

Is there any technique for standing up paddle SUP standing?

Many people think that it is very difficult to stand up when playing SUP. In fact, the position of the board, the posture of the body, the center of gravity, the skill of balancing with paddles, etc. are all the keys to standing firmly.Professional SUP coaches will teach you how to use paddles to assist in balancing. The paddles and the water surface can use each other's pressure to control, so that the rower can find balance when they are out of balance. Therefore, SUP is definitely different from surfing. The paddle can play a key role in the standing process.The following tips are provided for reviewing the skills of SUP stance and paddling, so that everyone can have more experience when playing stand up paddle next time:

SUP stance

  • keep your back straight
  • look straight ahead
  • Knees slightly bent to maintain flexibility
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • toes forward
  • stand in the center of the board

SUP paddling

  • stretch forward
  • hip joint as axis
  • back stretch straight forward
  • Uphand down paddle vertically into the water
  • push the board forward
  • Hip rotation allows the blade to exit the water vertically next to the heel
  • The minimum resistance of the propeller turns inward to push the propeller forward

What are some common mistakes made by SUP players?

Maybe you have been playing stand-up paddle SUP for a while, but still have problems such as arm soreness or unsteady standing?Here are a few common mistakes made by SUP players. Remember to check your actions next time to see if you made any mistakes!

SUP common wrong posture

  • 駝背
  • eyes on the water
  • knee not bent
  • knees too bent
  • feet too wide
  • two feet outside eight
  • The paddle plunges into the water at an angle
  • Knee bend angle changes
  • lower arm bent
  • The paddle outlet is located behind the body
  • Uneven force exerted on the left and right feet of the body when paddling

What season and place is suitable for SUP in Taiwan?

Taiwan is surrounded by the sea on all sides, and the terrain is long and narrow. The Tropic of Cancer passes by. There are suitable places to play SUP all year round.When it comes to Taiwan’s SUP location recommendation, in summer, almost all rivers and open seas in Taiwan are suitable; in spring, autumn and winter, in addition to the whole Taiwan’s rivers, the southern seaside can also be used. Each sea area and river has different beauty, I highly recommend everyone Try it out on different occasions.If you want to find recommended SUP stores in various places, you can refer to the following arrangement:

Is there a professional license for SUP stand up paddle?

If you want to become a professional SUP coach, stand up paddle currently has two associations: ISA and ASI; Taiwan’s National Sports Federation also cooperates with many local sports associations, and the sports associations report to the National Sports Federation to hold coaching seminars Activities, after passing the assessment, you can obtain the stand up paddle coach certificate recognized by the National Sports Federation.There are also many unofficially recognized associations in the market, and when conducting coaching courses, they usually issue certificates printed by the association itself, and there is no national sports association to approve the name.

What are the areas of expertise for SUP stand up paddles?

In addition to taking beautiful photos to see the scenery, stand up paddle sports have already had many international competitions. These competitions cover balance, core use, speed, physical strength, skills, wind and wave use, which can make SUP stand up paddle Sports are widely used in different fields.

SUP main competition items

  • SUP Surfing
  • Stand Up Paddle Racing (SUP Racing)
  • SUP River
  • Stand Up Paddle Downwind (SUP Downwind)
  • Stand Up Paddle Freestyle (SUP Freestyle)
  • Stand Up Paddle Yoga (SUP Yoga)
  • Standing Paddle Foil (SUP Foil)

The above is the SUP novice guide for this time, TWOSEVENTHS The top 10 common questions for SUP beginners have been sorted out, providing some precautions for those who want to get started with SUP stand up paddle sports.Generally, the price of a SUP stand-up paddle in Taiwan ranges from $1,000-$2,000 per person. In addition to the board and safety equipment, the store’s additional services include whether to provide photos, aerial shots, whether to provide snacks, and some even offer snorkeling and other underwater experience.If you want to find a SUP store that suits you, you can refer toTaipei SUP,Little Liuqiu SUP,Hualien SUP,Sun Moon Lake SUP Recommendedand other series of articles.

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