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In the cold winter weather, in addition to staying at home to keep warm, you can also go to a hot spring hotel to relax! this time TWOSEVENTHS We have sorted out the one-stay, two-dinner packages at 10 Beitou hot spring hotels. Many stores not only offer autumn and winter special packages, but also offer special packages for the Spring Festival. You can also enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine while bathing in the hot springs. If you don’t know what to do in winter, just bring your significant other or bestie and have a warm bathing trip!

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Sweet Beauty Hot Spring Club

Beitou Shuimei Hot Spring Resort is a 3-minute walk from Xinbeitou MRT Station. Since its establishment, Cheng has accumulated a certain degree of popularity in the Xinbeitou Hot Spring Area. Recently, this Beitou hot spring hotel has launched a hot spring promotion for autumn and winter. The usual hot spring one-night, two-dinner package is only $7,000. In addition to enjoying the hot spring in the room, you can also experience the Japanese public naked hot spring. The catering also includes buffet breakfast and land and sea. Warm feast set menu. The room type can choose one large bed or two small beds, which is recommended for young couples or two besties to enjoy together.

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Tianyuequan Guild Hall

Beitou Tianyue Spring Hotel is a 4-minute walk from Xinbeitou MRT Station. You can use the hotel parking lot for free when using the hot spring. The hot spring house in this Beitou hot spring is spacious and has hot and cold spring pools. The spring quality is white sulfur spring, which is clearer and tasteless than the ordinary milky white Beitou hot springs. From the end of the year to the beginning of the year, the price is very good for a stay and two meals in the hot springs. The exquisite guest room is only $6,000 for two people. The chef's recommended set menu can also be replaced by a meal for two people with raw crab porridge. It is especially suitable for couples who like to eat seafood to enjoy both body and taste. .

The Land Hotel Beitou

Beitou Dadi Hotel has a high-ceiling library space and an open-air bath with special snow scenery. In 2018, it was selected as Taiwan's No. 11,999 Dream Resort. This high-end Beitou hot spring hotel is priced at $16,000 for one bed and one meal. The original price per night is nearly $XNUMX. It has a strange rock room with a large window with a mountain view. It also includes breakfast, a Western restaurant or a dinner option of Yueerwanwan shabu-shabu. . Recommended for couples with a higher budget, a hot spring trip can be extremely relaxing for body, mind and soul.

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Asia Pacific Hotel Beitou

The Asia Pacific Hotel Beitou has more than 140 rooms and is about a 5-minute drive from the New Beitou MRT Station. Best of all, this Beitou hot spring hotel offers seven types of room options, ranging in price from $8,250 to $17,050. In addition, in addition to general public baths, public facilities also have VR virtual reality experience, swimming pool splash area, handmade DIY and table game competition area, etc. It is recommended for those who want to relax in the hot springs, but also Young couples who want to stay in the hotel and enjoy entertainment.

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Beitou Spring Hotel

Spring Hotel Beitou is a well-established hot spring hotel in Beitou. It diverts Japan's white sulfur hot springs known as the "Emperor's Spring". The hot springs are located close to the source and are abundant in all seasons. In autumn and winter, in addition to the hot spring, one hotel and two food discounts for two people, this Beitou hot spring hotel also has plans for three and four people, including breakfast, Japanese food guest set meal and hot spring room, and you can also enjoy an open-air bath. It is worth mentioning that Beitou Spring Hotel also offers a one-bed, two-dinner bath plan for the Spring Festival early bird. From New Year’s Eve to the eighth day of the Lunar New Year, a double room is only $7,000 plus 10% service charge. It’s a great deal!

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Enjoy hot springs

Enjoy Hot Spring Yu can be said to be the new popular hot spring hotel in Beitou. It was grandly opened in 2019 and is about a 10-minute walk from the New Beitou MRT Station. Among them, the one-berth, two-dinner plan for a double room with Yutaki view is priced at $4,888. While soaking in the hot spring, you can enjoy the view of Beitou Xishan outside the window. Breakfast and afternoon tea or dinner are also included. People who have been here say that the service staff at the hot spring are very attentive and attentive. It is recommended for couples who like mountain views to enjoy the hot spring.

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Nissho International Kagaya International Hot Spring Hotel

Niksatsu Kagaya International Hot Spring Hotel introduces the original Japanese Kagaya flavor to Taiwan. From the architectural design, hot spring facilities and authentic Japanese cuisine, you will feel like you are in Kyoto in one second. The best thing is that this Beitou hot spring hotel has three room types to choose from, including standard, elegant, and special room types. The living room is a Japanese-style space with tatami mats, and only the bed types in the bedrooms are different. In terms of catering, you can enjoy sushi, sashimi, etc. for breakfast, and dinner is a nine-course authentic Japanese cuisine! It is especially recommended for couples with a higher budget to take a traditional Japanese ultimate hot spring trip.

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Royal Beitou Hotel

Beitou Royal Hotel is Taiwan's first health and healing resort hotel, offering aromatic hot spring rooms, top-notch SPA, European cuisine and exercise courses. The hotel offers a variety of hot spring, one-stay, two-dinner packages, with prices ranging from $9,100 to the most expensive $40,000, all including European breakfast and dinner. At the same time, you can enjoy leisure facilities such as men's and women's nude baths, sports spa pools, and even participate in leisure activity courses inside and outside the museum. It is suitable for couples who want to take a bath and relieve stress!

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Water City Beitou Hot Spring Resort

Shuidu Beitou Hot Spring Resort is located next to the Geothermal Valley, about a 10-minute walk from Xinbeitou MRT Station. The price of this Beitou hot spring hotel is affordable. A double room for seniors with one bed and two meals is only $1,999. One person must be over 50 years old to stay. It includes breakfast room service, dinner and boiled hot spring egg experience; unlimited use of the public bath , suitable for retired couples or young people to bring their parents for a bath.

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Lixi Hot Spring Hotel

Grandview Hot Spring Hotel was designed by Li Zuyuan, a famous architect who designed Taipei 101. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and a spa. It is a five-star Beitou hot spring hotel. The lowest price for a hot spring one-bed, two-dinner housing project is $16,500 on weekdays. There are six room types to choose from, including family rooms for four, all including breakfast and dinner. The room also provides hot and cold hot spring pools, which is suitable for a family of four. A stress-relieving hot spring trip.

The above are the recommendations for this Beitou hot spring hotel’s one-food, two-stay plan. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 hot spring hotels in Beitou, including some that have been personally certified by Mysterious Guest. Various hot spring hotels offer different one-food-two-stay plans. In addition to enjoying hot spring baths in the room, you can also enjoy exquisite Japanese cuisine, experience public baths, SPA services, etc. Some Beitou hot spring hotels even provide indoor and outdoor exercise classes. Whether you want to simply soak in a hot spring to relax, or want to combine it with a massage to relieve stress, you can find the Beitou hot spring hotel that suits you in this article.

If a young couple wants to simply relax in a hot spring on a whim, you can refer toBeitou Couple Soup House. In addition to relaxing in hot springs, there are many ways to relieve stress. You can refer toRock bath in Taipei,Taipei steam room,Taipei Massage, you can go directly after get off work to allow your body to perspire and detoxify regularly. After busy work, don't forget to relax your body and mind and take a break, so that you can go further and longer.

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