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In the wet and cold winter, if you can take a leisurely bath in a warm hot spring bath with your partner, it is definitely the best enjoyment. this time TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 Yangmingshan couple's hot spring houses that also have beds for bathing and rest. If you also like to relieve stress through hot spring baths, don't miss the exclusive winter and Spring Festival discounts of these Yangmingshan double hot spring houses, and enjoy the natural hot springs with your significant other. The comfort brought by the water and the magnificent mountain view outside the soup house.

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As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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CHECK HOTEL Taipei Yangmingshan Hot Spring Hotel

Qike Zangju Taipei Hot Spring Hotel is located in Yangmingshan National Park. You can reach it after going up the mountain and passing the Cultural University. Compared with other Yangmingshan hot spring hotels, you don’t have to travel hard. There are three types of double hot spring rooms in the hot spring hotel. The price of a classic hot spring room with a double bed is less than $3 per night on weekdays. Couples can enjoy a bath in the room and go to bed when they are tired. There are also public hot spring pools, mountain spring water swimming pools, and gyms available for use. For young couples who want to relax and relieve stress during the cold Spring Festival, this Yangmingshan couple’s hot spring house is definitely the best choice.

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Tien Lai Resort Yangmingshan

Yangmingshan Tianlai Resort Hotel is a four-star resort hotel located near the Bayan settlement area, about an hour's drive from Taipei city. The hotel offers a variety of themed rooms, including two types of double rooms for couples with hot springs. Bathing in the semi-open-air hot spring pool on the balcony while enjoying the surrounding mountain scenery is simply a great enjoyment in life. This Yangmingshan couple's hot spring house has a minimum price of $2 on weekdays. It is recommended for couples with a higher budget to take a luxurious hot spring trip to forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Yangming Hot Spring Resort

Yangming Hot Spring Resort is located in the Jingshan Recreation Area of ​​Yangmingshan National Park, about a 30-minute drive from Jiantan MRT Station. It can be said to be the back garden of Taipei City. The entire park provides a variety of options such as single-family villas, cabins, and camping areas, which are especially suitable for a few young couples to travel and relax together. Among them, the Yanlan View Double Bathhouse costs less than $6,000 a night. The two-story room covers a total area of ​​13 square meters. The room is designed in Japanese style; the large stone bath in the room can accommodate 3-4 people, which is perfect for a couple to take a bath. Not crowded. This Yangmingshan Couple Hot Spring House is recommended for couples who like nature activities.

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Ba Yan Hot Spring Hotel

Bayan Guild Hall is located in Bayan Village on Yangjin Highway, about an hour's drive from Taipei Main Station. The hotel provides more than 1 parking spaces. In addition to the general hot spring bath for two people, this Yangmingshan hot spring hotel also offers a variety of options such as camper vans, naked bathhouses and outdoor swimming pools. The best thing is that the double hot spring bath has beds and hot and cold pools. It only costs $1,000 an hour on weekdays. The price is very affordable, and it also comes with a hot spring fish experience. This Yangmingshan couple’s hot spring house is recommended for young couples who want to drive up the mountain together and take a hot spring bath to relieve stress.

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Yangmingshan Jiaxin Hot Spring Hesheng Hotel

Yangmingshan Jiaxin Hot Spring Hesheng Hotel is located in Yangmingshan National Park and is famous for its hot spring suites with full sea views. The hotel adopts Japanese architectural style and has a total of 2 double rooms with pure Japanese sea views to choose from. Among them, the premium sea view double suite on the fifth floor only costs $2,600 for XNUMX hours of bathing on weekdays. You can enjoy the semi-open-air cypress sea view hot spring pool, sauna-warming steam oven and a living room with unparalleled mountain views. When couples are tired from bathing, they can also go to the enlarged double room aside Bed rest is recommended for couples who want to calm their souls.

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Mushe Hot Spring Resort

Mushe Hot Spring Resort Hotel is located in Jinshan District at the other end of Yangming Mountain. The hotel is full of simple and Balinese style and provides exquisite underwater hot springs. There are four double hot spring rooms in the hotel to choose from. Among them, the Mushe Honeymoon Suite combines modern elements with luxurious Nanyang style. The hot spring pool space can accommodate 2-3 people. It is definitely a good choice for couples to have a romantic hot spring bath. trip. It is worth mentioning that this Yangmingshan hot spring hot spring house also has a complex exquisite restaurant, where you can have a high-end dinner after bathing in the hot spring.

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silk valley

Silk Valley Forest Resort is located in a valley without much artificial development, about a 15-minute drive from Yangmingshan National Park, taking the low-key luxury route. It is worth mentioning that the hot spring bathhouses in the museum are all made of natural cypress wood and are not painted, so that customers can enjoy the phytoncide emitted by the natural cypress wood. Among them, the Taiwanese Hinoki SPA Villa charges $5,500 for two hours for two people. There is a semi-open-air hot spring pool in the room. The floor-to-ceiling windows open to a mountain forest. It is recommended for couples who want to take a hot spring bath in the forest.

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Yangming Shanshui Hot Spring Hotel

Yangming Shanshui Hot Spring Resort was renovated in 2018, spending tens of millions to fully decorate all rooms and facilities. The surrounding landscape is full of Balinese style, and a total of 12 different styles of hot springs are provided. There are 2 room types to choose from in the double hot spring house in the hotel. Among them, the Zen Yangming Couple Hot Spring House is spacious and comfortable. The 15-square-meter room adopts European modern style and has a zero-border landscape hot spring bath, allowing couples to enjoy the north coast while taking a bath. Layers of mountains and mist are really comfortable.

Yinggang Hot Spring Resort

Yinggang Hot Spring Hotel is located on Xingyi Road in Beitou District, a 5-minute drive from Yangmingshan National Park. It is considered a time-honored hot spring hotel in Yangmingshan. Although there are not many choices of hot spring rooms in the hotel, the hot springs are of high quality and the prices are very affordable; for example, the cheapest double hot spring room with a bed for two hours is only $1,680, and the couple's hot spring room with a view is only $1,980, making it suitable for living nearby bourgeois couple going to relax after work.

The Land Hotel Beitou

Beitou Dadi Hotel was voted Taiwan's No. 2018 Dream Resort in 15,000. It not only has a high-ceiling library space, but also an open-air bath with special snow scenery that you can experience. This Yangmingshan couple's hot spring house has six double room types to choose from, with prices ranging from $60,000 to $1.5 per night. There is also a XNUMX-hour hot spring house plan for two people, with the price adjusted according to the accompanying meals. Recommended for couples with a higher budget to have an ultimate hot spring feast.

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The above are the recommended hot spring houses for couples in Yangmingshan this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 Yangmingshan double hot spring bathhouses with beds for resting in the bathhouses. Each hot spring resort provides different double hot spring room types. In addition to soaking in hot springs to relieve stress, many stores also provide meal services such as brunch, afternoon tea and exquisite dinners. What’s even better is that almost all Yangmingshan couple’s hot spring houses provide view suites. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window while taking a bath with your significant other. This is definitely a life salvation in the cold winter. It is especially recommended for young couples. After bathing in the hot spring, you can rest on the bed in the room to relax your body, mind and soul; there are more hot spring houses for two in Taipei.Wulai Double Hot Spring House,Recommended soup houses for couples in BeitouWait for the article.

In addition to Yangmingshan Hot Spring, there are many options in other areas of Taipei, you can refer toTaipei hot spring,Beitou Hot Spring ,Wulai Hot SpringWait, no matter where you live, you can find a hot spring hotel that is convenient and suitable for you. In addition, if you have other stress relief needs, you can also refer toRock bath in Taipei,Taipei steam room, you can go directly after get off work to allow your body to perspire and detoxify regularly. When you are busy with work and classes, don’t forget to reward yourself. Work hard when you work, and relax when you relax!

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