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In the cold and rainy Taipei, going to a soup house to take a break is a small blessing in winter.In addition to Beitou, Wulai Hot Spring is also an option that everyone will immediately think of when soaking in hot springs in Taipei.this time TWOSEVENTHS Recommend 10 Wulai rest soup houses that you can soak in without staying.Before the raging northeast monsoon comes, hurry up and prepare a few more Wulai hotels to choose from, so as not to be lost at a critical moment.

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In winter, you must go to the soup house to soak in the soup. Wen

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As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Volando Resort

Volando Resort Hotel can be said to be synonymous with the recommendation of Wulai Hot Springs. The colorless and odorless hot spring water allows travelers to get smooth and tender skin.In addition, the landscape soup house is another big selling point. Each soup house faces the beautiful scenery of Nanshi River and the entire mountain forest, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Wulai while soaking in the soup.After soaking in the hot spring, you can also go to the lobby to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea meal, drawing a perfect end to this trip to Wulai Hot Spring.

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Wulai International Rock Soup

Wulai International Rock Soup is located on Wulai Old Street, which is a very convenient choice for travelers who come to Wulai by public transportation.There are large and small hot and cold pools in the landscape soup house, as well as bathrooms separated from wet and dry. The wooden-toned interior design is also very suitable for the warm atmosphere of bathing.The roller curtain beside the hot spring pool can be adjusted by itself, and it can be transformed into a semi-open-air private soup house immediately, and you can overlook the beautiful scenery of Wulai from the room.

Pushi Lizhi Hot Spring Club

The biggest feature of the Pushi Lizhi Hot Spring Resort is that there are as many as 9 types of hot spring pools, including the Balinese-style pot-shaped pool, the cypress barrels exuding woody aroma, and the Atayal style of the local aborigines in Wulai. The pool is definitely beyond your imagination of Wulai Hot Spring.If you want to take a beautiful IG check-in photo while taking a break in the soup, this Wulai soup house is definitely your first choice!

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Lvchen Hot Spring B&B

Lvchen Hot Spring B&B is located on the hillside of Wulai Mountain. Due to its location at a high point, when bathing in the soup house, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that cannot be seen in other Wulai hot springs from the large landscape window. Wonderland feeling!There are a total of 6 soup houses, and the most special thing is the SPA service. Come to Wulai to soak in the hot spring and then combine it with essential oil massage, so that the whole bath can relax and relax.

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Genting Hot Spring Resort

Yunding Hot Spring Hotel provides two options: private soup house and public pool.Among them, the public pool is divided into big soup and small soup. The big soup area incorporates the Nanyang style of Bali, and uses beech wood to build a starting pavilion, which can meditate and relax in the mountains; the small soup part has rock baths, and the equipment is not sloppy at all. Hot spring water can instantly dissipate fatigue.However, it should be noted that this Wulai Hot Spring public pool is in the form of naked soup.

Fomori Sakaji Trio

Fusen Hanji Trio is a sub-brand of the well-known Wulai Hot Spring Club Volando. The brand concept incorporates the local spirit. When you come to Wulai to take a break, you can also experience the aboriginal culture and enjoy the flavorful meals that incorporate local ingredients.The hot spring club has two halls, A and B, and the landscape soup houses have a large space ranging from 4.5 ping to 12 ping.There is also a Rainbow Temple in the park and a variety of itineraries to participate in, and a rich day trip can be arranged.

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Yufuyuan Hot Spring House

Yubuyuan Hot Spring is a pet-friendly Wulai Hot Spring. You can bring your furry children to the hot spring house to take a rest, and there is no extra charge.There are 4 types of soup houses. In addition to the landscape pool facing Nanshi River, there are also cypress barrels to choose from. In the hot spring water, you can smell the unique woody fragrance of cypress.

Wulai Karuizawa Hot Spring Hotel

Wulai Karuizawa Hot Spring Hotel is a time-honored Wulai soup house. Although it is an old hotel, it has a new look after being renovated during the epidemic.The location is located at the entrance of Wulai Old Street. You can also walk there by bus to Wulai. Although the soup house is small in size, it has all the internal facilities. If you buy a package tour, you can go to the outdoor terrace to enjoy homemade delicacies after taking a rest Enjoy the beauty of Wulai.

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Wulai Mingtang Hot Spring Hotel

Most of the Wulai hot springs are located on both sides of the Nanshi River, but the Wulai Mingtang Hot Spring Club is one of the few Wulai hot springs located in the Tonghou River.The soup house adopts a semi-open-air style, which can bathe in the forest of Wulai Mountain, with zero distance from the beautiful scenery; the hot spring pool is made of raw stone, and it is very large, which can accommodate 4-5 people.By the way, this Wulai soup house is billed by person, even if a group of friends come to enjoy the hot spring together.

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Wulai Spring Spa Resort

There are 4 types of rest soup houses in Wulai Spring Spa Hot Spring Villa. There are landscape soup houses designed in aboriginal style, and there are also Japanese-style soup houses with Japanese tatami mats. A room with a bed.Each soup house has a green view outside the window. If you close your eyes and listen carefully, you can even hear the sound of the waterfall coming from afar.

The above are the recommendations for Wulai Hot Spring this time. TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 Wulai soup houses that can be soaked in hot springs without staying overnight, among which there are stores personally certified by mysterious customers, so that everyone can have more different options when bathing and resting in Wulai.The distribution of Wulai hot spring clubs is relatively scattered, remind everyone to check where the hot springs are located before going there.If you want to see more hot spring shops that mysterious customers have helped you clear, please refer toTaipei hot spring competition ,Yangmingshan hot spring recommendation,Beitou Couple’s Soup House Organizing,as well asRecommended hot spring hotels with one hotel and two meals in Beitou.

In addition to hot springs, massage is also everyone's favorite activity in winter or rainy days, butTaipei Massagewith so many shops, how do you find the one that suits you?this articleTaipei Massage GuideComplete collectionFoot massage,SPA,Full Body Massage,Zeer,Osteopathic MassageWait for a variety of massage types, see the first-hand experience of mysterious customers, and find out what you likeTaipei massage shopRight.

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