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Fitness is good for the body, but if you have poor posture or don't know how to arrange the training menu, the effect may be ineffective or even cause physical injuries. Therefore, for beginners, it is very important to find a professional personal trainer to take coaching classes. , and lay a good foundation for future self-practice.this time TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled recommendations from 10 Banqiao fitness coaches, including both male and female fitness coaches, so that you can make a choice after understanding the characteristics of each personal trainer course and eliminate stumbling blocks on the road to fitness.

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Jianting coach

Coach Jianting is a fitness coach affiliated with Banqiao who specializes in fitness. He has a NASM CES corrective exercise expert certificate. He can professionally assess the goals you need to correct based on the student's posture, movements, etc., and systematically train the target muscles.In addition, Jianting coaches have also received advanced training on pregnant women’s exercise, and can provide professional coaching assistance for pregnant women who need to be more careful in exercising.A one-on-one trial class is $1,200. If you prefer to purchase the coaching class directly after the experience, the trial fee can be fully discounted!

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Coach Rock

Coach Rock has many years of experience and is a personal trainer at Duowa Lian Gym. A trial class is $900.The coach treats the students as if they are his own children. When friends around him make fun of them, they are just to see if the students eat randomly. He sincerely regards each student's performance as a part of his life.In addition to fitness equipment for coaching classes, Rock coaches also have TRX, kettlebell and other related certificates, and can diversify and plan suitable menus according to students' needs. For example, students who had severe adhesions in their shoulder blades in the past were successfully corrected with the help of Rock coaching classes.

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Coach Max

Coach Max is a personal trainer at More Fit Gym. The characteristic of his classes is that he hopes to help all students fall in love with exercise and achieve their ideal body shape through scientific and effective exercise methods.The arrangement of the training menu in the coaching class will help students gradually build up their confidence and train without fear when they come to the gym. In the past, it has also helped many students correct problems such as turtle neck and lower back soreness.In addition to body sculpting, Coach Max will also give advice on diet management, allowing students to have a good companion on the road to building muscle and losing fat. A trial class is $800.

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Coach Duoduo

Coach Duoduo is a fitness coach at Banqiao Gym who has participated in many bodybuilding competitions and won great results. Therefore, it is very suitable for fitness friends who already have a fitness foundation and want to compete to come to him for coaching classes.In addition, Duoduo coaches also have the Republic of China C-level Judo coaching certificate and TRX suspension instructors. Their rich experience can meet diversified fitness needs.A one-on-one fitness experience class is $1,200, which can be directly discounted if you purchase a coaching class after the experience.

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Coach Vivi

Vivi is a female fitness instructor at Banqiao Duiwa Lian. Students comment on Vivi in ​​addition to her professionalism and her warm and enthusiastic smile that makes class feel like a breeze.Having faced an accident that nearly disfigured her face, Vivi realized the importance of fitness during the rehabilitation process and took her parents to join the fitness ranks, hoping to help more elders move freely even as they age.With rich practical experience in the past and multiple international or domestic certificates, I highly recommend seniors and even pregnant women to come to Vivi for one-on-one personal coaching classes. I believe you will also fall in love with fitness. A trial class only costs $900.

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Coach Joanna

Coach Joanna is a Banqiao female fitness coach affiliated with MoreFit. She graduated from the Taipei Institute of Physical Education. She has multiple competition results and many years of fitness teaching experience, so she is very good at formulating exclusive class schedules according to the different needs of each student.In the past, some students came back to Taiwan for short-term coaching classes with her. The 16 classes allowed students to understand body alignment, breathing control techniques and periodized training, and finally be able to successfully train independently after going abroad.If you are interested, you can try it out for a trial price of $900 per session to see if Coach Joanna is suitable for you.

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Banqiao Free Fitness Coach Xuan

Banqiao Free Fitness Coach Xuan's main teaching venues are in Songjiang Nanjing and More Fit in Banqiao. Those who are interested can make an appointment for a trial class of $1,300 for 90 minutes. You can receive one-on-one or one-on-two coaching classes. The prices can be seen on the social media and are quite transparent.The coach showed off his personal experience of reducing body fat from 22% to 10%, and there are many past class cases on the community to prove it, which is convincing.

Little mage Frank

Little Master Frank is a freelance coach who is not affiliated with a gym. Because he does not have the performance pressure of ordinary Banqiao fitness coaches, he can allow students to return to the simplest learning of fitness.The main class venue is at the MoreFit Jiangzicui store. It is recommended that those who take coaching classes for the first time can choose to try the plan. Each one-hour consultation plus fitness teaching costs $1,300. There are also cases from past students on Facebook for reference.

Coach Norwe

Coach Norwe is a personal trainer at the Banqiao Alligator Strength and Conditioning Training Center. He specializes in fitness training for seniors. He emphasizes that the improvement of muscle strength is not only closely related to muscle mass, but also includes invisible neurological abilities. Through fitness, we can delay this irreversible problem. aging process.If you are interested, it is recommended to try a trial class first. This Banqiao fitness instructor class is quite cost-effective. The trial class is only $600. If you purchase it on the same day, you can get a discount for the course fee.


Arsh is a female fitness coach in Banqiao. She is not affiliated with a gym and is a freelance coach.In addition to basic fitness-related licenses, he also has physical fitness training certification for seniors, TPPC physical fitness training courses for pregnant and postpartum women, etc., and has considerable teaching experience in fitness for special ethnic groups. Arsh provides one-to-one coaching classes, 2-3 small class coaching classes or online video teaching. You can choose according to your budget and needs. The price of one-to-one private coaching classes is $1,800 for a single class. Additional discounts are available for purchasing multiple classes. .

The above are the recommendations of this Banqiao fitness instructor. TWOSEVENTHS It has selected 10 Banqiao male and female personal trainers who provide one-on-one fitness courses, including stores certified by Mystery Guest himself.Through professional personal trainers, training menus can be customized according to your own needs. For seniors, pregnant women, or people who have been injured, it is even more necessary to take coaching classes in order to be in the safest condition. Strengthen your body.

In addition to regular coaching classes, you also need to practice independently in your spare time to make rapid progress. You can refer to this articlesingle session gym,Banqiao Gym.New Taipei GymWaiting for the Taipei Gym Recommendation Guide, I believe it will help you find a suitable fitness venue option.It is also recommended to use rock climbing,boxing,flying ringdifferent training methods can make fitness habits more sustainable.

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