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Drawing on the fact that European countries regularly provide national youth with artistic and cultural experience and consumption subsidies, the Taiwanese government has also begun to implement cultural coins, hoping to cultivate different professional qualities in everyone! And you just got $1,200 of cultural coins, are you worried about where you can use them? Which stores accept cultural coins? When will the cultural currency be used for? don’t worry! TWOSEVENTHS This article answers all your questions about cultural coins at once, and recommends 10 industries within the scope of cultural coins.

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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What is cultural currency?

Starting in 2023, the Taiwanese government will begin to implement cultural coins. Initially, it will target young people aged 18-21. Each person will be given cultural coins equivalent to 1,200 points (equivalent to $1,200 in cash). The money can be used for arts-related activities. Or consumption discounts, and the distribution will even be expanded in 2024, as long as young friends aged 16-22 can receive it. I hope everyone will have the opportunity to explore more diverse arts and cultural activities, and can also help more businesses in the cultural and creative industry development of!

How to get cultural coins?

The way to receive cultural coins is very simple. From now on, as long as you are a national born between January 91, 1 and December 1, 97, a foreigner who has obtained a permanent residence permit, or a foreigner from the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao who is a national of our country. Anyone who is a spouse and has obtained a residence permit in China can receive it.

The way to get it is to download it on your mobile phoneCultural Coin APP, and after completing membership registration and identity verification, you can get 1,200 cultural currency points and store them in your wallet. When you go to the store to make purchases, you can directly scan the QR Code to use them.

If you don’t have a mobile phone, don’t worry. You can contact customer service directly. After filling out the application form, you can receive a paper QR Code. You can also use cultural coins by showing the paper QR Code when making purchases.

What is the useful life of cultural coins?

If the cultural coins are received in 2023, they can be used until June 2024.06, 30. If the cultural coins are issued in 2024, the use period is until the end of this year (2024.12.31). Two years of cultural coins can be used together, but they cannot be transferred to others or given in change!

What is the scope of use of cultural currency?

According to the official definition of the Ministry of Culture, the scope of use of cultural coins includes art performances and cultural experiences, audio-visual entertainment, books and cultural creative crafts and other art consumption, such as watching art performances, Chinese movies, buying books, visiting museums, and visiting markets/exhibitions Discounts are available for buying cultural and creative crafts, or participating in handmade DIY courses, arts and cultural experiences, community cultural trips, etc. Those who are interested can also go to the Ministry of Culture website to confirm the variousList of art consumption points.

If you want to use the $1,200 cultural currency for event experience, TWOSEVENTHS Here we introduce 10 cultural currency-applicable industries and stores. Some stores also offer exclusive discounts for cultural coins, so that you can make the most of your coming-of-age gift money.


Make your own rings, necklaces, and bracelets, jewelry that is unique in the world and full of hand-made warmth. It can be said that it is a good choice for gifting and personal use as a cultural currency.

Usually, the price of metalworking experience is at least $1,500 due to the material, handwork, and the need for teacher teaching, which may be a bit burdensome for students. Therefore, the cultural currency of $1,200 can be directly converted into a very Buddhist heart.

If you are too lazy to make it yourself, most metalworking stores also provide ready-made jewelry for sale. If you want a jewelry recently but don’t have the budget, use the cultural coins here and treat it as an adult gift to yourself!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei- Everyday is a Gift

Everyday is a Gift handmade studio provides a variety of experience courses, including couple rings, bracelets, twist rings, wedding rings, etc., with exquisite and diverse styles, and you can also choose to purchase personalized options such as fingerprint engraving, electroplating, and diamond setting. . The DIY course provides copper pieces for practice, and the final product can be taken home as a souvenir.

View the full introduction to Everyday is a Gift


ART64 has branches all over Taiwan, offering experience items ranging from the most basic rings, necklaces, and bracelets to gold jewelry creation courses; all metalwork is completed on the same day and can be taken away immediately. In addition to the small gifts prepared in advance for students participating in the metalworking course, the store will also provide one-day silversmith certification cards and event photos after the event!

View the full introduction to ART64

handmade carpet

Tufting DIY allows you to design your favorite patterns, and make your pets, significant other, or favorite cartoons or celebrities into carpets to accompany you. Many handmade carpet studios also provide canvas bags, mirrors, and diffusers. By combining different items, you can make a furry, unique and cute little thing according to your own usage habits.

Handmade rugs are generally sold in stores that use cultural currency. In addition to direct discounts, some stores also offer programs such as using cultural currency for four people and one person for free, so that when you go home, you will not only have a lovely rug in hand, but also have fun with your friends. Full of memories.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung-Tuft Tuft Cat

Tuft Tuft Cat offers a variety of DIY classes on rugs, mirrors, bags and throw pillows.During the process, the teachers adopt "walking teaching", so that students can play freely with peace of mind, and the teacher will answer any questions immediately.It is a Taichung handmade carpet studio with no time limit and no color limit. It is the most suitable for novices!

View Tuft Tuft Cat full description

room escape

Escape rooms are an activity full of challenges and excitement. In addition to requiring teamwork to solve puzzles, the plot and storytelling in the process are as exciting as watching a TV show. The sophisticated mechanism design of some escape room studios can make people immerse themselves in the situation, and the sense of accomplishment after solving the puzzle is also fascinating.

However, escape rooms are also within the scope of cultural coins! Many escape room stores across Taiwan offer discounts using cultural currency, such as a $100 discount for the whole group, free for three people, gift vouchers, etc. It is very suitable for gathering three or five friends to use their brains to solve levels together.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - LoGin Room Escape Room

LoGin Room Escape Studio has a total of 3 room escape games, one is the tomb exploration and thrilling "Waiting for Someone - Tomb Robbery", the other is "This Case is a bit Big", the style is more fantasy adventure, and the latest is "Livid Bar" specializes in immersive theater.Although the number of themes is not large, the scenes, mechanisms, stories, and puzzles are all extremely outstanding, and they often become a trend as soon as they are released!

Check out the full description of Login Escape Room

Taipei - Logic Screwdriver

There are currently 5 games in Romance Opener Escape Room, with a wide variety of themes and players, ranging from a small secret room for 2 people to a large-scale three-line theme for 20 people to play together.All games emphasize the immersive sense of immersion, and actively challenge the perfect cooperation of sound and light effects and organs, so that people who like secret rooms can have fun.

View the full introduction of Logic Screwdriver

script kill

If you are not interested in escape rooms that simply use your brain to solve puzzles, you might as well try reading the script. Script killing is an interactive game format. Through the arrangement of the script, each participant will play a different role. Through interactions with different characters, they can find clues and solve the mysteries in the plot. In addition to being challenging, There are often many unexpected developments and fun in the process of interacting with friends.

Similar to escape rooms, because script killing is also an activity that requires multiple people to do it together, many stores offer cultural coins that can be used by X people for free, or give away discount coupons for the next time, which can be said to be a good place for student parties to have fun.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Drama lights

Drama Lighting has its bases in Taipei and Taichung. It is a veteran script-killing studio in Taipei, providing game experiences such as script-killing, werewolf killing and board games. Players can reserve the game through the official website widget and choose the most suitable one among the 50 LARP scripts based on the number of people to play, script theme, story background and other requirements. In addition to the common costume changes and exclusive books, it also provides some special game experiences, such as scenarios to play while drinking wine.

View the complete introduction of drama lights


Fragrance-making is an increasingly popular activity recently. Through the teacher's explanation, you can understand the front, middle and back notes of each fragrance, as well as the chemical interactions between each other. It is diluted with different proportions of essences, essential oils and alcohol, and they appear over time. With different aromas, everyone can create their own unique taste.

If you don’t have the habit of wearing perfume, usually the fragrance studio will also introduce different products such as diffuser bottles, candles, etc. If you already have a favorite fragrance studio, you might as well send a private message to see if the store accepts cultural coins!


There are many painting studios in Taiwan, each with its own specialization, whether it is different materials, such as sketching, watercolor, illustration, oil painting, etc., or presentation features, such as flow animation, acrylic painting, etc. Each has its own different techniques and aesthetics. Following the teacher's teaching, gradually rendering works with its own characteristics from an all-white canvas is a very fulfilling thing!

And most painting studios have beginner classes, so you can easily get started without any painting skills. If you still don’t know where you can use cultural coins? You might as well find a painting studio you like and take a trial class.

flower arrangement

Arranging flowers by yourself may seem difficult, but in fact, as long as you have the guidance of a teacher, you can easily create a potted flower that seems to require a lot of skills, but is actually very simple. Especially dry flower courses or floating vase making are one of the easiest flower art courses to learn. , beginners can start with these two types.

There are many flower art classes across Taiwan, and all class equipment stores will help prepare them. Just check the portfolio on the store's official website or Facebook in advance, and choose the one you like to sign up. Most flower art studios accept cultural coins to redeem courses, but you have to ask the store if they have designated courses when making a reservation.

Leather DIY

Leather goods give people a sense of personality, fashion and texture, which can add unique charm to an outfit. But if you are not interested in commercial leather goods, you might as well try leather DIY. In addition to DIY, you can have a color and shape that represents your own personality. Some leather goods can also be customized with engravings, whether as a gift or for yourself. Highly recommended for use.

Many leather DIY studios accept cultural coins. If you are interested in the leather goods on site, you can also use cultural coins to purchase them!


Pottery is a popular commodity in the cultural and creative market. Whether it is colorful or elegant, pottery has a unique beauty. Especially for those who like to collect all kinds of beautiful utensils, making pottery by yourself is of special significance.

Ceramics courses are mainly divided into two types: hand-drawn pottery and hand-kneaded pottery. Hand-drawn pottery is more technical than kneaded pottery, and most ceramics classrooms offer both experiences.

Many pottery studios use cultural coins. As long as you indicate that you want to use cultural coins when making a reservation, you can get a discount on the day. If you are not confident in your own beauty and want to buy directly on the spot, cultural coins are also within the scope of use.


Are you interested in making cute wooden products by yourself? Then you must try out various woodworking DIY courses. Usually experience classes will use smaller wooden products, such as desk lamps, wooden pens, chopsticks, decorations, etc., and you can take them home within one day.

Woodworking is an activity that requires a lot of patience and physical strength. Steps such as manual cutting and carving are very time-consuming and laborious, but the finished product is also more beautiful! Some woodworking studio experience classes also accept cultural coins. If you also want to be a carpenter for a day, you might as well take the opportunity to experience it.

The above is TWOSEVENTHS The cultural currency guide has been compiled, including what the cultural currency is, how to receive the cultural currency and the period of use, as well as the stores and industries where the cultural currency can be used. I hope everyone can make good use of this annual coming-of-age gift to experience a life that may be possible in ordinary times. Activities that I didn’t have the opportunity to do because of the budget.

In addition, if you are looking for a store that uses regional cultural coins, you can refer toRecommendations for using Taichung Cultural Coins,Recommendations for using Taipei Cultural Coins,Recommendations for using Kaohsiung cultural coinsOrRecommendations for using Tainan Cultural CoinsThese articles.

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