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Have you thought about how to use cultural coins? There are so many cultural currency cooperative stores, how to use them in the most cost-effective way? this time TWOSEVENTHS We will select 10 Tainan Cultural Coin cooperative stores and introduce the store's services, Cultural Coin activities and student discounts to help you solve all kinds of inconveniences about Tainan Cultural Coin, allowing you to easily use Cultural Coin to enjoy life and enhance your arts and culture. breath!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Tainan Cultural Coin Master
1200 Use it well and use it fully Ping

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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LYNLI Jewelry

LYNLI Jewelry's metalworking experience studio is located on the third floor of HUJI Coffee in Central West District, Tainan City. In addition to experiencing interesting couple ring DIY, the course also comes with a free drink and dessert, which can be enjoyed on the first floor before or after class. . Among them, hand-made rings are available in brass and silver. Each class is taught in a small class of 4-6 people, which lasts about 2-3 hours. From sawing silver sheets, tapping textures and embossing, annealing, shaping, polishing, etc., There will be guidance and assistance every step of the way. This Tainan Cultural Coin cooperative metalworking shop attaches great importance to quality and customer experience. Now cultural coins can be used as cash. As long as you pay the deposit in advance when making a reservation, you can easily experience the experience by using cultural coins or cash to check out on the spot on the same day. It is suitable for couples and friends. Get up and create warm memories.

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ART64 has branches all over Taiwan, and has an independent counter in Tainan at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Ximen Xintiandi. It is a sterling silver jewelry brand that combines design and metalworking. Starting from exploring the heart, silver jewelry not only has a unique sense of design, but also Professional metalworking experience courses, and also provide a full range of services such as professional ear piercing! If you want to experience handmade rings or give yourself silver jewelry as an adult gift, you can now use it as cash at this Tainan Culture Coin partner store. Whether it is a couple's ring, silver jewelry for adults, or a customized friendship bracelet, you can get it all. Through the hands-on experience course, you can finally wear unique silver jewelry and enjoy your own uniqueness and beauty.

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Phoebe Fragrance Handmade Studio

Can cultural coins also be used to make fragrances? Phoebe Fragrance Handmade Studio is a cooperative store of Tainan Cultural Coin. It has two branches in Tainan's Central and Western Districts and Shanhua District. The founder upholds the spirit that fragrance can awaken sweet memories, actively conveys the warmth of handmade products, and helps people to sort out their hair. Find joy within. This fragrance studio is also committed to promoting Korean fragrance aesthetics and candle craftsmanship, and provides teacher training, hand-made experience, fragrance gift box customization and other services. The teachers are professional and patient, and at the end they will give away Polaroids as souvenirs. Now You can use cultural coins to redeem cash and create your own exclusive flavor.

DF Perfume Workshop

DF Perfume Workshop is located near Wusheng Night Market. The store is spacious and bright, focusing on providing customers with perfect and exquisite quality. It provides a one-day experience of perfume mixing and hand-made candles. The class can be started by two people, and they can choose the perfume capacity and provide more than Try out 100 scents, guaranteed to find your destiny. Among them, the one-day fragrance experience lasts for about 1.5-2 hours. During the process, the teacher will explain the principles of fragrance in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, and guide you in a timely manner on how to choose the most suitable one. People who have difficulty choosing don’t have to worry at all! Now you can use Tainan Cultural Coins to redeem your own perfume, and you can choose up to 12 flavors to mix your own perfume, which saves money and heals your soul.

Raichu Life Chill

You may have heard of handmade rings and handmade fragrances, but have you heard of "handmade carpets"? As a cooperative store of Tainan Culture Coin, Laiqiu Life Chill is a hand-made classroom that can customize carpets and acrylics. It is located on a section of Yonghua Road. The store has an entire tufted material wall, showing the Laiqiu lifestyle. Vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. The teacher is both attentive and patient, and will help correct the details and finishing touches in the end, so people with disabilities don’t have to worry about the work running out of time. The cultural coins here are used like cash. Not only can you make satisfactory carpet works according to your own ideas, but you can also weave unique warm memories, suitable for experiencing with relatives and friends!

Wool Kids Wool Felt Studio

Use a needle to constantly poke the wool ball, and finally you can make a variety of cute wool products. This is the greatest fun of wool felt. Maobaizhi Wool Felt Studio starts with "cute things" and hopes that every wool felt work can bring happiness and joy. It provides a variety of wool material packages and tools, customized products, and wool felts with different levels of difficulty. Experience class. Now you can use cultural coins in all stores of Maobaizhi Wool Felt Studio. To register for trial courses, you only need to pay by bank transfer and send a private message to the teacher to redeem the cultural coins. If the balance is insufficient, you can also pay the difference in cash. It is suitable for couples and friends to come together. Poke out your own cute wool felt.

Mu Ma Leather Studio

Mu Ma Leather Studio is a three-generation time-honored leather factory located on Changbei Street in North District. The store uses warm wood tones and colorful leather to create a professional and warm image. Muma Leather Studio, which is determined to convey the power of handcrafting, provides a variety of material bags, DIY leather sewing tutorials and handmade bag experience. Inheriting the spirit of a time-honored leather factory, the studio carefully selects high-standard leather and emphasizes professionalism. Teaching, taking into account both finished product quality and guest experience. This time-honored Tainan cultural currency cooperative leather store promotes actions to support the arts and cultural industries. You can use cultural coins to redeem cash and sew unique and precious leather bags by yourself.

Texture Printmaking Studio

Have you heard of "printmaking"? Printmaking can also be hand-made using cultural coins? Works made by manual printing that are both replicable and unique are called prints. Texture Printmaking Studio, located near Tainan Train Station, is full of artistic atmosphere. It provides basic and advanced printmaking teaching courses, space rental, product production and other services. The lecturers are humorous yet professional, and there are rich and diverse types of prints for people to experience. To enjoy the fun of printmaking, those who want to try printmaking or develop long-term interests can use cultural coins to experience the course here and give themselves a work full of happy memories.

Lohas embroidery creative embroidery

Want to make a handbag for your best friend, but have nowhere to go? Lohas Embroidery Creative Embroidery located in North District is a great place for you to express your creativity! This embroidery studio cooperated with Tainan Cultural Coin provides a small amount of customized embroidery services and handmade canvas bag experience courses. The boss will carefully introduce various embroideries and provide timely advice and help. Script embroidery is both exquisite and high-quality. , the final finished product also has quality assurance. Now you can experience it by using cultural coins. It is suitable for friends who want to make embroidery by hand. They can embroider their unrestrained creativity and leave a unique canvas bag.

Yinfengtang Seed Creation

Use a variety of seeds to make Christmas wreaths, small pendants, and space decorations, and feel the natural environment and experience design handicrafts. The Yinfengtang Seed Studio located near the Confucius Temple business district allows people to experience diverse A place for seed DIY lessons. Qingfengtang emphasizes originality. All the seed works are designed by the owner himself, and most of them use Taiwanese native tree species. During the experience course, students will be explained in detail and given a high degree of freedom in design, so that everyone can create their own unique works. As a cooperative store of Tainan Culture Coin, you can use Culture Coin to take a healing journey and create the most special seed works in the grace of nature.

The above are the recommendations for using Tainan Cultural Coins this time. TWOSEVENTHS 10 Tainan Cultural Coin cooperative stores have been selected, among which some have been personally certified by Mystery Shop. Cultural coins are used in a wide range of industries, mostly in handmade DIY-related industries, from metalworking, carpets, perfumes, leather, to printmaking, embroidery, seed handicrafts and other activities. They can heal the body and mind with relatives and friends during holidays, and can also be used on special days. Make a unique finished product with your significant other or close friends. If you are interested, use the $1,200 coming-of-age gift to make the most precious memories for yourself!

If you happen to travel to Taichung or Taipei, you can refer toUse of Taichung Cultural Coins,Use of Taipei Cultural CoinsStore Guide. In addition to cultural coins, if you like hand-made activities, you can refer toTainan handmade rings,Tainan Metalworking, and create irreplaceable works and memories with your loved ones.

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