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Whether it is winter and summer vacations, national holidays, or weekend holidays, where should you take energetic children to discharge their energy? What weekend parent-child activities and attractions are there in Taiwan? this time TWOSEVENTHS Just selected 10 super fun weekend parent-child activities, parents, come and check them out! You no longer have to go to crowded amusement parks or museums, and you can accumulate many precious memories with your children!

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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farm experience

If you want to take advantage of the good weather to take your children on a day trip to parent-child attractions, the most suitable weekend parent-child activities are strawberry picking or orange picking. Through the actual experience of harvesting fruits, it not only educates children on the importance of "how to harvest and how to plant first", but also allows children to get in touch with nature and appreciate the value of crops. It definitely has the effect of killing two birds with one stone.

Currently, you can pick and eat delicious strawberries in Neihu in Taipei, Houli in Taichung, and Shanhua in Tainan, and you can pick and eat all-you-can-eat oranges in Hsinchu, leaving children with unforgettable memories.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung-I can’t have you without you

The Strawberry Shop is located near Kamioka Library and Tanya Shenlu Park Bicycle Trail. There are many varieties of strawberries in the garden, including Fengxiang, Perfume, and Meiji. Strawberries are charged by weight. Before going, you can call to inquire about the business status and the ripeness of the strawberries on that day.

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Handmade experience

Parent-child DIY that has been popular in recent years has the characteristics of "learning by playing, learning by learning", which can cultivate children's patience and creativity, and gain a full sense of accomplishment when completing the work. Therefore, many metalworking and carpet studios have launched handmade parent-child DIY products. As long as you are over 12 years old, you can participate in the activity courses.

Through the professional and careful guidance of teachers, beginners or people with disabilities can easily get started. Parents can also get closer to their children's inner world and enhance their relationship through the creative process with their children. It is a relaxing and pleasant weekend parent-child activity.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung-Tuft Tuft Cat

Tuft Tuft Cat offers a variety of DIY classes on rugs, mirrors, bags and throw pillows.During the process, the teachers adopt "walking teaching", so that students can play freely with peace of mind, and the teacher will answer any questions immediately.It is a Taichung handmade carpet studio with no time limit and no color limit. It is the most suitable for novices!

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Taipei- Everyday is a Gift

Everyday is a Gift handmade studio provides a variety of experience courses, including couple rings, bracelets, twist rings, wedding rings, etc., with exquisite and diverse styles, and you can also choose to purchase personalized options such as fingerprint engraving, electroplating, and diamond setting. . The DIY course provides copper pieces for practice, and the final product can be taken home as a souvenir.

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rock climbing experience

Just like solving puzzles, rock climbing is a sport that uses hands and feet to solve problems and find routes to reach the top. It is also the best parent-child activity that can train brain power and physical coordination at the same time.

Nowadays, many rock climbing gyms have launched routes and camps suitable for children. Usually the climbing range will be relatively low, and there will be enough thick cushions underneath to ensure the safety of children. Let's use rock climbing as a weekend parent-child activity to let your children learn to explore and challenge from an early age, cultivate a character that will not shrink back when encountering difficulties, and leave beautiful memories of successful challenges together!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Jiao Climbing Gym

Jiao Climbing Gym currently has two branches in Huashan and Zhongshan. The rock wall uses the same design method without main screw holes as the Tokyo Olympic bouldering competition, which is very safe. In addition, the two branches of the Jiao Climbing Gym have more than 100 routes in total, covering all kinds of terrains and route types. The routes will be changed regularly, so everyone has new routes to challenge every week!

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Taipei- MegaSTONE

MegaSTONE is located in Xinzhuang, New Taipei City. It is one of the few rock climbing gyms in the north that has both a bouldering field and an upper climbing wall.Routes range from the simplest VB to V8+, and Kilter Board can challenge thousands of routes designed by domestic and foreign rock climbers through the console or through the exclusive app.

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Family diving

When taking your children to the beach, you don’t have to just step on the beach. Parent-child diving is also a great weekend parent-child activity. Diving courses for children will provide marine ecological education before going into the sea, and teach how to be friendly to the ocean and actually get in touch with marine life. It can also train children's heart and lungs and develop their ability to cope with changes.

Diving parent-child activity courses allow children to no longer only be exposed to the cold world of books, but to experience the mysteries of the seabed most directly, and learn a correct, friendly and natural mentality from having fun. At parent-child attractions in Taiwan such as Kenting and Penghu, Everyone can experience it, and swim and relax together in parent-child diving activities.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Kenting-Xinhai Diving Center

Xinhai Diving Center is located near Houbi Lake and provides diving, boat diving, Fun Dive, SUP and other water activities. It is worth mentioning that Xinhai’s snorkeling is conducted in groups, so that you can have your own time and have more fun if you are traveling with family and friends! If there are younger children, the coach will also take the children to enjoy the sea together by playing with them.

View the complete introduction to Heart Sea Diving

Penghu - Day-to-day diving

RiRi Diving provides snorkeling, experience diving and SSI & PADI scuba diving certification courses. In winter, the instructors will move to Xiaoliuqiu to continue diving teaching. The instructors in the store all obtained their licenses here because they liked the atmosphere of the dive store. After passing the instructor examination, they came back to work. Domestic and overseas diving trips are regularly arranged every year so that everyone can enjoy diving together after passing the diving certification exam.

View the full introduction to RiRi Diving

Baking DIY

If you want your children to experience the fun of hands-on making from an early age, it’s a good idea to participate in a parent-child DIY baking experience!

The indoor environment not only provides shelter from rainy days, but also allows children to use their creativity to make food from scratch and gain a full sense of accomplishment. Chocolates, cakes, desserts, breads, biscuits, and even pizzas are all available. During the parent-child DIY process, children can realize that "there is no such thing as a free lunch" and cherish food more, thereby developing a good habit of not wasting food. , it is definitely a weekend parent-child activity that is both educational and entertaining.

Parent-child paradise

Where should I take my children to play on a rainy day? No need to go to crowded museums or department stores, indoor parent-child parks are the best choice on rainy days!

A parent-child paradise that provides slides, ball pools, trampolines, Lego and other diverse amusement facilities, not only allows children who like to run and jump to have fun, but also stimulates children's physical and mental development through various parent-child activities and games, such as It uses sound and light effects to cultivate hand-eye coordination, and uses trampolines to train body balance. The parent-child park also provides hand-made experiences, party venue rentals and other services. Children can fall asleep instantly after returning home after having a lot of fun. The parent-child park can It is said to be the best choice for weekend parent-child activities.

baby swimming

Swimming for infants and young children has become popular in recent years. It not only promotes the development of children's sensory integration, but also exercises the heart, lungs and muscles, and stabilizes children's emotions. It is a parent-child activity with many benefits.

Today's common swimming pools for infants and young children are mostly divided into two types: infant swimming lessons (within 1Y) and parent-child swimming (2M-3Y). The pools are equipped with 24-hour filtration systems to ensure the safety and health of children, and taking into account the baby's physical strength, most courses Within 20 minutes, proper training can also help children not be afraid of water activities in the future.

children's gymnastics

If you want to let your children have enough exercise from an early age and improve their concentration, children's gymnastics is a parent-child activity not to be missed!

Currently, children under the age of 5 can participate in toddler gymnastics classes, while children between the ages of 5 and 12 can participate in children's gymnastics classes. Both can promote muscle endurance, flexibility, coordination and agility, and can also stimulate sensory abilities and enhance brain integration.

Toddler Music Rhythm

Newborn infants and young children have been proven to have the highest musical aptitude. Therefore, using this stage to inspire children's musical abilities can enrich children's musical experience, promote brain development and sensory integration, and young children's music rhythm is the best choice.

Usually 0-2 years old is a critical period for development, and 3-7 years old is the golden period of music. At this time, with the teacher's guidance and swinging to the rhythm, children can enjoy music, cultivate creativity and physical coordination, which consumes children's vigorous development. Great place for energy!

Children's Go

With Go being listed as an official sport of the Asian Games, children's Go has become more and more popular. This parent-child activity course can usually be participated in by children who can understand the instructions. It is recommended that children reach the age of 5.

Introducing children to Go from an early age can cultivate their etiquette, logical thinking and other abilities. It can also improve concentration and patience. In the process of playing against others, it can train their emotional management, social skills and memory. It can be said that there are many benefits.

The above are the recommendations for this weekend’s parent-child activities. TWOSEVENTHS A selection of 10 parent-child activities suitable for weekends, both indoor and outdoor, static and dynamic. In addition to entertainment and relaxation, these parent-child activities can also cultivate children's all-round abilities and promote physical and mental development. Of course, the most important thing is the process of growing up with your children in these parent-child activities, creating the most precious and unforgettable memories, and leaving your children with a happy and joyful childhood!

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