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Many office workers sit or stand for long periods of time and do not exercise enough, so they are often prone to shoulder, neck and back pain.Let professional masseurs help you relax your whole body or relax your feet, and let's find a body full of vitality together! This time TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 recommended massage shops in Zuoying, Kaohsiung, so that you can relieve stress through massage. Don’t forget to reward yourself for your hard work when you are busy.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Yangsheng Sports Rehabilitation Center

Yangsheng Sports Rehabilitation Center is located near the Kaohsiung Arena, about 5-10 minutes' walk from the MRT station. It is a Zuoying massage parlor that provides osteopathic massage.The exterior looks very modern, and the interior decoration is simple and bright; each space in the store is divided by curtains or doors, which is especially suitable for customers who value privacy.Before starting the massage treatment, the plastic surgeon will first discuss the uncomfortable part, then start about half an hour of fascia relief, and finally start the massage. Each process will be explained in detail, which is recommended for people who need to regulate their body regularly.

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EDEN SPA Eden Aromatherapy Aesthetics

EDEN SPA is located near the MRT Aozidi Station and can be reached within about ten minutes' walk.In addition to providing professional SPA massage exclusively for pregnant women, it also provides customized services such as prenatal care and postpartum care, fully caring for all the needs of pregnant women before and after delivery.The aromatherapist will prepare exclusive pregnancy massage oil for each expectant mother, and combine it with ancient meridian, meridian massage and aromatherapy hand techniques to relieve stress. It is definitely the first choice for pregnant mothers in Zuoying massage!

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Ear fans Tammy's

Ear fans Tammy's forKaohsiung ear pickingA specialized store that provides women-only services such as ear picking, ear candling, facial tendon manipulation, and breast enhancement. It is a large and comfortable space on the entire five floors of the building.The interior space design, walls, and floors are all in relaxing earth tones, creating a comfortable environment and high privacy.The best part is that the store can accommodate up to four customers at the same time, which is especially suitable for a group of friends or couples to come together to relieve stress and reward themselves for working hard!

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Guangxinyan Beauty Aesthetics

Guangxinyan Beauty Aesthetics is located near the Costco on Dashun Road in Zuoying, about a 10-minute walk from Aozidi MRT Station.In-store courses include facial care, body massage and body skin care. Facial care includes consultation on skin type diagnosis, makeup removal and cleansing, acne removal, facial mask maintenance and facial, shoulder and neck massage. The courses are solid and comprehensive. Approximately 2 hours long.The beauticians are attentive and patient. If you want to have a facial massage in Zuoying, don’t miss this one.

left foot right foot

Left Foot Right Foot Classic Massage Club is a time-honored massage brand in Kaohsiung. It has one branch in Zuoying District, Sanmin District and Xinxing District. Each store has different styles and characteristics.It is said that "feet are the second heart of a person". The store mainly provides foot massage, acupressure and oil pressure services. It also provides pedicure, ear cleaning and scraping services.The most special thing is that customers can enjoy the self-service coffee and cookie bar in the store while having a massage. Compared with other Zuoying massage parlors, the service is more complete.

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Master Foot Massage

Main Foot Massage is located near the art museum. It is a two-story massage parlor in Wangmei Zuoying. It is decorated in a comfortable and bright Nordic wooden style and looks like a high-end coffee shop.The store mainly provides foot massage and shoulder and neck massage. Customers can choose lavender or phytoncide sea salt foot bath powder. The master's skills are skillful and the service is very friendly.In addition, this Zuoying Massage specializes in offering a discounted combination of shoulder and neck relaxation and foot massage. The shoulder and neck massage time is extended to 25 minutes. It is recommended for office workers who often use computers to relieve stress.

Thai Crystal Palace

Tai Jing Dian opened in 2005 and has 13 branches across Taiwan. Among them, the Zuoying branch is only a 10-minute walk from the Dome MRT Station, and there is a self-paid parking lot nearby.The interior decoration is full of Thai style and the environment is comfortable. You can also enjoy the white fungus soup while soaking your feet and relaxing. The aromatherapist's strength is also just right.In addition to traditional Thai ancient massage, this Zuoying massage shop also offers a variety of services such as essential oil SPA, foot massage, and energy stones.

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Shikajima foot bath hall

Lujia Foot Hot Spring Club is located near Ruifeng Night Market. The store is clean and bright, with Japanese wooden style as the main theme. As soon as you enter the door, you can feel the spirit of professional staff.In addition to providing foot massage, full-body acupressure and oil pressure, this Zuoying massage shop also provides many other services such as scraping, shoulder and neck massage, which is a good choice for relieving stress after visiting Ruifeng Night Market.There is also an early bird event between XNUMX am and XNUMX pm every day, so you can enjoy massage packages with more favorable prices.

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Tealing Thai Spa

Tealing Thai Spa has two branches in Kaohsiung. Among them, the Gaomei Spa is located near Neiwei Station and the Art Museum Park, and is fully reservation-based.The store provides traditional Thai massage, warm Nanyang-style decoration, selected Thai essential oils and a cup of hot health tea before relieving stress, making people feel like they are in Thailand.This massage shop in Zuoying provides a variety of services, including Thai high bed massage, Thai foot massage, essential oil SPA, yoga sports massage and pregnant women massage, etc. It can definitely satisfy you who love Thai massage.

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Kapok Health Club

Kapok Health Club is located on Huaxia Road in Zuoying District, close to the Arena. The interior is warmly decorated, the space is spacious, and there is even a dining table area for customers to enjoy refreshments.It mainly provides full body massage and foot massage, both of which include foot bath and shoulder and neck massage for ten minutes. The master's strength is well controlled and he often asks customers about their feelings, which is widely praised.The most considerate thing is that this Zuoying massage parlor will also provide customers with a plate of snacks and tea to help replenish their energy after the stress relief.

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The above are the recommendations for Kaohsiung Zuoying Massage this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 massage parlors in Zuoying, Kaohsiung, including some that have been personally certified by Mysterious Guest.Each massage shop provides different services. In addition to general body acupressure, oil pressure and foot massage, there are also Thai massage, pregnant women massage, shoulder and neck massage and other options.I would also like to remind everyone that the higher the frequency of massage, the better. Multiple massages in a short period of time can easily cause fatigue. Therefore, you must pay attention to the frequency and intensity of massage. The best way to maintain your body is to have adequate rest and sleep.

In addition to massage services, if you want to enjoy gua sha services at the same time, many stores offer painless gua sha services, or use mugwort warm pot and other techniques to solve the discomfort caused by gua sha. You can refer toKaohsiung Gua ShaMassage reviews, don’t forget to relieve yourself after being busy every day, help your body relieve fatigue, and at the same time enjoy the beauty of total body comfort.

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