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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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O2 Oxygen Massage Club

Store introduction

#Ximen Ximeng store with better discounts when paying with cash

O2 Oxygen Massage Club is located in the Ximen Business District, not far from Don Quixote. Located on the second floor, this Ximen massage parlor provides foot massage, full-body acupressure massage, full-body oil pressure massage, and full-body essential oil massage.
It is open until 12 o'clock on weekdays and until 2 o'clock in the middle of the night on holidays. If you have enough time, it is more recommended...


Store introduction

# Travel through ancient times to massage your feet

Located in Ximending, Sujibumon adopts a Chinese retro style, with bamboo and wood decoration, showing a simple and clean, but still stylish feeling. The style is consistent, and even the foot bath bucket is very particular.
It mainly provides foot massage, full body massage, and full body oil pressure massage. The snacks after the massage are also very exquisite. It can be said that the details are full...

BenFun foot care workshop

Store introduction

#Enjoy the fun of watching movies while having a foot massage

BenFun Foot and Body Care Studio is a very unique Ximen massage parlor on the Movie Street. If you upgrade to VIP, you can get a massage in a movie theater box. You can watch the big screen while having a massage. The main thing is to feel comfortable and comfortable. There are cute shop cats to pet.
Services provided by Ben Fun include sports massage...

Li Binghui Foot Body Health Center

Store introduction

#24 hours Ximen foot massage

Li Binghui Foot Health Center has 4 branches in the greater Taipei area, and the branch in Ximen is a rare 24-hour massage parlor.
Although compared with other massage parlors, the environment is simple and unpretentious, but the advantage is that there are many masters, all of whom are experienced and skilled in techniques, including cupping, scraping, pedicure...

Yuanqi Health Club

Store introduction

#西门町 Massage and Health Center that is popular in Japan

Yuanqi Health Club is a well-known Ximen massage parlor with grand decoration and comfortable and elegant environment. In order to cater to tourists from all over the world, it provides services in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.
Massage items include foot massage, pedicure, essential oil massage, facial massage, hot stone essential oil massage, and full body essential oil massage. Yuanqi’s most recommended...

Mucun Lizhi Foot Club

Store introduction

#Super caring and meticulous Ximending foot massage

Mucun Lizhi Foot Club is a Japanese-style minimalist foot massage shop in Ximending. It is located on Hanzhong Road, very close to the MRT station. Provides full body acupressure massage, oil pressure massage, full body whitening and skin care, ear candling, facial care, oriental hot stone and other services.
The tea drinks provided to guests by the store are all prepared by themselves...

Diamond foot and body health center

Store introduction

#Ximending massage shop full of happy atmosphere

The decoration of Diamond Foot and Foot Health Center is clean and bright, and the chef's skills are also very good. The main service is foot massage, and other services include: head massage, shoulder and neck massage, and body oil massage. The price is very economical.
What is very different from other Ximen massage parlors is that both the customers and the masseurs are very happy. From Go...

Ximen foot health center

Store introduction

#Cheap and Affordable Ximen Massage Parlor

Ximen Foot Health Center opened in 2023. The environment is novel and clean, and the simple style makes people feel relaxed as soon as they step in. The main services include: shoulder and neck massage, foot massage, full body essential oil massage, and hot stone stress relief. Whether you want to relax locally or massage all the muscles, this Ximending foot massage parlor...

988 Red Mansion Health Club

Store introduction

#Healthy massage parlor with difficult support bar for back stepping

This recommended massage shop in Ximending is about a 2-minute walk from the Ximen MRT Station. There are many bus routes passing nearby, making the transportation very convenient.
The main services include: foot massage, shoulder and neck massage, full body essential oil massage, pedicure, manicure, scraping, cupping, almost covering most of the folk customs...

Songzu Health Center

Store introduction

#small but affordable massage health parlor

Songzu Health Center is located directly opposite the Carrefour Guilin store. It is an exquisite and compact Ximen massage parlor. It specializes in foot massage, professional pedicure, and full-body oil massage. There are many packages, and it can also be paired with folk therapies such as scraping and cupping. The price is affordable, and a full-body essential oil massage only costs 800 yuan, but...

Manyiting Health Club

Store introduction

#ximenmassage that is both professional and friendly

Manyiting Health Club is located on Wuchang Street, Ximending. It offers a variety of massage options, including a 30-minute acupressure massage for $599 and a 40-minute essential oil massage for $850. Each service is personally operated by experienced masters, ensuring that Customers experience the deepest level of relaxation and comfort...

Aidu Beauty Health Center

Store introduction

#Eat, drink and relax in the massage parlor

Aidu Beauty Health Center is located between Ximending and Taipei Guanqian business districts. It specializes in foot massage, acupressure and oil massage. The store environment is designed to be bright and comfortable, with forest music playing, giving people a fresh and natural atmosphere as soon as they walk in.
Before the massage begins, customers can enjoy a foot soak and shoulder and neck massage...

last of the last

The above recommendations are for this Taipei Ximen massage. TWOSEVENTHS 12 Ximending massage parlors have been selected, among which some mysterious customers have personally experienced the parlors.

Most massage shops in Ximen are within a 5-minute walk of Ximen MRT station. Since the Ximen business district is a tourist attraction frequented by domestic and foreign tourists, most of them specialize in foot massages, and some provide hot stones, Full body whitening, sports massage, if you happen to be sightseeing nearby and want to take a break, it is highly recommended to choose a suitable massage parlor to relax.

For more massages in Taipei city, you can refer to:Zhongshan Area,Eastern District,Xinyi District Massage Recommendations;If time permits, if you want to go to New Taipei area for massage, you can refer totriple massage,Xinzhuang Massage,Luzhou massage recommendationWait for the article. In addition to massage services, you can also refer to other relaxation and stress relief services, such asBedrock bath,Sweat curtain,Foot massage,Essential Oil SPA,sports massageWaitTaipei Massage Recommended Guide.

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