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Often feel that there is no new idea when arranging girlfriend's birthday gift or dating itinerary? "Don't understand the other half" is often the number one boyfriend when they are accused of "customer complaints"! TWOSEVENTHS This time, I will take you to understand the girl's mood and become a creative and caring partner!Dynamic sunny style, textured style, ghost style, mature and hot style, let’s take a look at the other half of these 4 charming women, and you should master the planning secrets when you meet your girlfriend’s birthday itinerary.Manage with heart, let the big heart bubbles of "how do you understand me so well" pop up in the girlfriend's heart, and the relationship can always be fresh and throbbing.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


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Let you understand your girlfriend's heart better Myling

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Dynamic sunny girlfriend

Girlfriend Birthday Gift Recommended Dynamic Sunshine Girlfriend

The first one to appear is: the dynamic and sunny girlfriend.Golden sunshine, outdoor air, and sports sweat are the three indispensable elements for their healthy life!This type of girl has a well-proportioned and healthy complexion, a hearty smile, and the life principle of "don't feel anything wrong with your body, and be happy when you are in the sun".

Taking exercise retraining and outdoor activities as a daily routine, the self-challenge and sense of accomplishment of each exercise is the happiness of sunshine girlfriends, and the happy substance of endorphins is definitely their invincible secret of youth and beauty from the inside out .Therefore, to make a dynamic girlfriend happy, it is not enough to buy a bouquet of flowers or a designer bag. As the other half, you have to do it yourself, and embrace all kinds of fun experiences in life with her. Through physical and mental challenges, the relationship between the two and the body will be healthier!

Birthday itinerary tips for a dynamic and sunny girlfriend: focus on companionship with common interests, long live health and practicality

Recommended birthday itinerary for a sunny girlfriend #1 Rock climbing and bouldering

Haven't tried rock climbing and bouldering yet?Strongly recommend couples who have exercise habits, prepare to become a hero in the bouldering world!Different from personal heavy training, rock climbing and bouldering is a brain exercise where "personal physical skills are important, but partner communication and support are absolutely essential".With the feature of solving physical puzzles, you and your girlfriend can solve the route, cultivate tacit understanding, exercise together, and even record each other's progress, so as to generate a revolutionary emotion of progress together during climbing exercises.In addition, the indoor venue is a big advantage, so people don't need to worry about being spoiled by the weather.

If you are a novice, many venues in Taiwan provide basic training, so that you can gradually get used to the height from the ground.pictureTaipei Corner Rock Climbing Gym, the overall rock climbing service experience is designed like a cafe, rock climbing and bouldering in a comfortable space, which is very suitable for active couples to arrange a half-day date trip.

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Taipei - Jiao Climbing Gym

The climbing area of ​​the Angle Climbing Gym has two areas with a total of 48 routes covering difficulty levels from VB to V8+.The design of the rock wall includes balance, cliffs and slightly sloping walls, which allow this rock wall to cover a variety of different route types and make climbing more varied, and the route is changed every two weeks to keep the route fresh feel.

View the full introduction of Angle Climbing Gym

Sunny Girlfriend Birthday Itinerary Recommended #2 SUP Stand Up Paddle

SUP stand up paddles are definitely a good choice for a sunny girlfriend's birthday surprise!There are many SUP studios in New Taipei and Yilan. When the weather is fine, you may wish to arrange a day trip to the coast by car. From floating kindergarten classes to advanced cave exploration, you can choose different routes.Many stores provide side-shooting services to record the two people's time at sea and become a permanent date commemoration.After going ashore, eat seafood, ride the waves on the beach, and enjoy a zero-miss birthday date under the sparkling water.

Sunshine girlfriend's birthday itinerary recommendation #3 sports massage

not enough?At the last stop of your girlfriend's birthday itinerary, you can also use the sports massage service to take care of the active baby next to you.Let masseurs who are familiar with muscle tissue effectively relieve the soreness after intense exercise and the tightness of sitting for a long time at work.Some stores also offer home-based freehand massage teaching, learn it quickly, and help your other half relax and cultivate your relationship at home!

Textured Wenqing girlfriend

Recommended birthday gifts for girlfriend

The second type is the girlfriend of the textured Wenqing department.They pay attention to the quality and details of life, and enjoy the happiness of being surrounded by things they like.Girls who have a deep understanding of their texture, the items they use from head to toe, do not follow the trend, do not follow blindly, they are all choices made after careful study of themselves, and gradually stack up their personal style and taste every moment of daily life.

Facing a girlfriend who is careful and sensitive, it is time for you to show your heart when you meet to celebrate your girlfriend's birthday!Maybe you're worried about imperfections or flaws in your girlfriend birthday gift DIY?Don't be nervous, girls in the texture department care more about the "feeling of love at first sight". This feeling will come from the simplicity of handwork, the experience of receiving gifts, the symbols buried in details, etc., a unique and warm gift, if you feel right, add 100 points first !When you turn your mind into support in daily life, your delicate spouse is guaranteed to cherish it even more.

Textured Wenqing Girlfriend Birthday Gift Tips: Handmade Temperature Birthday Gifts, Unique and Heartfelt

Wen Qing's girlfriend's birthday itinerary recommendation #1 Handmade leather goods

When it comes to handmade choices for girlfriend's birthday gifts that are practical and will not make a difference, TWOSEVENTHS The first "leather goods"!The warm leather can be transformed into wallets, watch straps, card holders, computer bags according to the actual needs of the other party... Objects that protect important items and become daily visible companions.There are many compound leather goods workshops in Taiwan, which provide customized teaching according to different levels.The basic half set only needs to choose materials: choose leather, stitching color, processing objects, etc., and you're done after simple stitching, and free lettering services are also provided.

Wen Qing girlfriend birthday itinerary recommendation #2 metalworking ring

Couples whose relationship is stable and entering the next stage may wish to consider metalworking courses to celebrate their girlfriend's birthday.In the ceremony of making the pair of rings by hand, there is a sense of mutual protection.Decide on the budget first, and then choose the style and material you like. If you are full of inspiration, the store has branches all over Taiwan.Art64, one person can start a class, provide various styles of ring teaching, and design exclusive love rings for each other from scratch.

spooky girlfriend

Birthday gifts for girlfriend recommended spooky type girlfriend

If your other half looks like Summer in "500 Days of Summer Love", congratulations, your life is not boring at all, because the ghostly girlfriend is guaranteed to surprise you (or frighten you)!This kind of woman responds Huijie, teases her mouth for food, and occasionally connects to the alien channel by mistake, and often inadvertently makes the other half angry and funny!Mischievous and ghost-type girls are often masters at giving gifts or making surprises. As the other half, if you usually arrange dates or special festivals, you have to prepare a trick or two so that you won’t be bored by rolling your eyes, right? ?

Spooky Girlfriend Birthday Gift Tips: Create Unusual Fun Experiences That Make Girlfriend's Eyes Glow

Birthday itinerary for spooky girlfriend #1 Escape room

The must-push reality game "Escape Room" for the naughty girlfriend who is elusive and elusive!Focusing on solving puzzles and guessing puzzles, it brings out different types of level designs, from scenes to puzzles, making you feel as if you are in a movie scene. There are physical climbing, joint problem solving, or disc-to-disc role-playing. Do you just listen to it? Just feel eager to try?

Nowadays, many secret room escapes provide small group two-person private service. In addition to two people to break the level together, you can also invite friends to play in a Double Date group or to have a couple's duel. Funny memories for laughing.Therefore, don’t waste your witty puzzle-solving talent on your girlfriend’s birthday itinerary, and arrange a single-day marathon for escape rooms, like the one in Taipei.Logic screwdriverThere are a variety of themes that make people challenge, ensuring the freshness of value-added emotions!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Logic Screwdriver

Luosi Screwdriver Studio now has 6 secret room escape games, ranging from a small secret room for 2 people to a large theme for 20 people, which can meet the needs of secret room lovers.The game emphasizes the immersive sense of immersion, and perfectly combines sound and light effects and mechanisms. It even provides an English version of the secret room for challenges, so foreign friends can easily join the ranks of challenges.

View the full introduction of Logic Screwdriver

Recommended Birthday Itinerary for Spooky Girlfriend #2 Handmade Cake

Also recommend the "contrasting surprise": hand-baked cakes.It doesn't matter if you can't grab her head, at least grab her stomach (shake).Compared with holding a bouquet of flowers for granted, when the other half is wearing an apron and working hard in the kitchen, no matter whether the dishes served are dark or home-made dishes, there will be unexpected contrasts that are heart-pounding and cute!

Don't be nervous if you are insulated from the kitchen, there are many homemade baking courses now, as long as you follow the audio-visual recipes, you can make a decent cake in the same way.But to deal with naughty girlfriends, it is best to use some ingenuity.There are studios in Taipei and Kaohsiung that provide one-on-one customized teaching. Welcome to discuss special items or ingredients with the teacher, add a little innovation to the fixed recipes, and treat handmade desserts as a three-dimensional love letter.It seems that you like couples to make it together, or the teacher takes you to complete the challenge alone. Such a birthday surprise for your girlfriend will definitely make her smile and smile.

mature hot girlfriend

Girlfriend Birthday Gift Recommended Mature Hot Girlfriend

The finale is the mature and fiery girlfriend. This type of woman is never shy about showing love bravely with body language, generously showing her self-confidence and beauty, and also embracing the primitive instinct of love and sex.The female pheromones produced by their own aura make them have all kinds of charm from their eyes, walking and gestures, and they are often recognized by friends of the same sex and opposite sex around them as sexy and charming beautiful existences.What kind of birthday surprise is suitable for hot women?That's right, Motel with all kinds of themes is the first choice for recommendation.All kinds of room layouts and props that you can think of and can't think of, let you not be afraid of messing up when you are intimate with your lover.

Birthday gift tips for mature and fiery girlfriends: Gorgeous and flamboyant, show your love with your body

Mature Girlfriend's Birthday Itinerary #1 Motel

Taipei Mulan flaunts the villa resort style of each room with its super large space and courtyard landscaping. Taichung also has themed hotels such as the Royal Palace and Aurora Situation. While enjoying sex, open up exclusive intimate fun in the transformed space, which is definitely worth hot 5 matchsticks recommended.

Mature girlfriend birthday itinerary recommendation #2 Hot spring bath

Relaxing conservatives can target hot spring resort hotels. Beitou, Wulai or Guguan in Taichung are all well-known hot spring resorts in Taipei.Schedule two days and one night on your girlfriend’s birthday itinerary, walk into the beautiful scenery of the mountains, soak in the hot springs, and look around the mountains and streams. Through the comfortable space and natural phytoncide, you can catalyze and relax with each other. For couples who are in love or need new sparks, it is also Definitely a smart move for the best assist!

Still worrying about how to celebrate your girlfriend's birthday?In the age of the experience economy, giving flowers, dinners and gifts is no longer a standard formula for celebration.this time TWOSEVENTHS Become a couple's little helper and take everyone to explore different characteristics of girlfriend birthday gift surprises.Whether it’s the first birthday gift for your girlfriend, or you’ve already run out of inspiration, according to your partner’s personality and common interests, practice taking actions you wouldn’t do before, and turn the process of “planning to experience” into a reality. Be part of your girlfriend's birthday surprise plan and seal it in your relationship calendar!Remember, "anniversary" is just a name, used to remind partners to set aside time to pay attention, to listen, and to focus on each other again.Whether it's good-natured, funny, warm, or touching memories, it is these interesting experiences that leave memory marks in the hearts of both parties, and the next anniversary will be more valuable and meaningful!

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