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are you looking forTaichungWhere can InBody be measured?this time TWOSEVENTHS Organized 3 types of InBody measurement bases in Taichung, and listed addresses and prices in detail, and consolidated the information you need to know when looking for InBody machines.The article also specially includes InBody data interpretation methods and precautions during measurement, so that you can quickly understand the current condition of your body through InBody.

The content organized in this article is not limited to the InBody brand, including test machines that can achieve the InBody effect.The InBody measurement fee of each store is for reference only, please use the actual site as a benchmark.

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Where InBody Measures: Sports Center


North District National Sports Center

No. 55, Section XNUMX, Chongde Road, North District, Taichung City
$ 200 / time

Chaoma National Sports Center

No. 199, Chaogui Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
$ 200 / time

Changchun National Sports Center

No. 46, Hezuo Street, South District, Taichung City
$ 200 / time

Taichung Harbor Sports Park

No. 301, Ziqiang Road, Shalu District, Taichung City
$ 200 / time

Where InBody Measures: Gyms


Hancao Training Talent Store

B285, No. 1, Section XNUMX, Taiwan Avenue, West District, Taichung City
$ 200 / time
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view details

Hancao Training Wenxin Store

No. 208, Section XNUMX, Wenxin Road, North District, Taichung City
$ 200 / time
buy coaching course for free
view details

Great unlimited fitness

533F, No. 2, Dadun Road, Nantun District, Taichung City
buy coaching course for free
view details

Come and go to the gym

No. 486-1, Section XNUMX, Zhongxing Road, Dali District, Taichung City
$ 200 / time
buy coaching course for free


No. 632, Dadun Road, Nantun District, Taichung City
$ 300 / time
Membership is free

iGYM love fitness

2th Floor, No. 11, Fuxing Road, Fengyuan District, Taichung City
Member $20
Non-member $50

Bsh Bion Sportsman

No. 208, Section XNUMX, Longfu Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
$ 200 / time
buy coaching course for free

World gym

Member $200/time
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fitness factory

Member $200/time
Free with purchase of coaching hours

InBody measurement base: other

InBody Data Interpretation Method

After the InBody measurement, you will get a report with detailed records of body composition analysis, muscle fat analysis, obesity analysis and other data.Seeing this report full of numbers for the first time, it must be dazzling, but as long as you know how to interpret InBody data, you can effectively evaluate the quality of your physical condition, and you can also understand the effects of exercise before and after exercise through regular measurements and records. Effects on fitness and body shape.The InBody report is divided into 5 major blocks, the details are as follows:

InBody Body Composition Analysis

1. Body Composition Analysis

This tells you the weight of water, protein, bone mineral and fat in your body, which add up to your whole body weight.

It is worth noting that the protein weight here is the weight of all muscles in the body, including skeletal muscles (the only muscles you can use and train), smooth muscles (visceral and vascular muscles, controlled by autonomic nerves, and cannot be exercised) and Myocardium (muscle of the heart, self-regulated).

If you want to focus on skeletal muscle mass, see the second part.

InBody Muscle Fat Analysis

2. Muscle fat analysis

The skeletal muscle weight here is the weight of the above-mentioned protein weight after deducting the smooth muscle and cardiac muscle, that is, the weight of all the muscles you can train in the gym!When we judge a person's obesity status, we also need to observe from this part.

According to the difference in the three data of body weight, skeletal muscle weight and body fat weight, body types can be divided into three types: I, C, and D. The details are as follows:

InBody Muscle Fat Analysis Type I

Type I

The three data are all normal, belonging to the normal body type.However, if the body weight and body fat fall at a normal high position, you still need to pay attention to future body changes, and it is generally recommended to work towards muscle gain.

InBody Muscle Fat Analysis Type C

Type C

Skeletal muscle mass is low relative to body weight and body fat mass, which means high body weight and body fat mass, and relatively insufficient muscle mass.Such a body shape is bound to strengthen exercise and diet, and pay equal attention to muscle gain and fat loss.

InBody Muscle Fat Analysis Type D

D type

Higher skeletal muscle mass relative to body weight and body fat mass indicates sufficient muscle mass and low body fat percentage, which is the best state.Congratulations and keep it up!

InBody obesity analysis

3. Obesity Analysis

Here is the very common BMI index and body fat rate, and the body fat rate is more important because it represents the proportion of body fat to the body.byNHS advice, The standard body fat rate is 14-23% for men and 17-27% for women. If it is higher than this figure, you should pay attention to the problem of obesity.

Of course, the lower the body fat percentage, the better. Too low body fat percentage will lead to endocrine disorders, skin loss of luster, and even osteoporosis and menopause.Moreover, fat-soluble vitamins also need to be absorbed by fat, and long-distance exercise also depends on fat stored in the body to provide calories, so don’t regard fat as useless anymore, and maintain your body fat percentage in a normal state to be healthy of!

InBody individual muscle and fat analysis

4. Individual muscle and fat analysis

Here are the detailed muscle and fat distribution performance of the five major parts of the body. You can understand which part of the muscle mass is relatively insufficient, and then find ways to strengthen it.

But want to lose fat in a certain area?Sorry, everyone's fat distribution is determined by their innate constitution. Some people have more fat around the waist, and some people just grow it on the buttocks, so we have no way to decide whether to only thin arms or only thin buttocks (If possible, the medical beauty clinic will pay half of it).However, we can still consume excess fat through aerobic exercise. As long as there is continuous consumption, body fat will naturally decrease systemically.

InBody Score/Weight Control/Study Parameters

5. InBody Score/Weight Control/Study Parameters

In addition to the previous InBody data, the rest can be divided into 3 parts to illustrate:

I. InBody Score: It represents the overall score of the body, and a person with quite muscular body may exceed 100 points.

II. Weight control: The ideal weight obtained according to the formula is listed here, and the direction of improvement is suggested.The direction of improvement may be to increase muscle mass or reduce body fat, depending on the analysis of the body.

III. Research parameters: There are several important data, detailed as follows:

Basal metabolic rate

The basal metabolic rate represents the calories required by the body to maintain physiology (heartbeat, breathing, heat dissipation, etc.), is proportional to muscle mass, and decreases with age and muscle mass decline.The higher the basal metabolic rate, the higher the calorie consumption, so it is less likely to gain weight.

Waist to hip ratio

The waist-to-hip ratio represents the ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference, and behind it represents the content of visceral fat.Usually, with age, the waist-to-hip ratio will become larger, which will easily lead to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia.

visceral fat level

Finally, the level of visceral fat represents the level of visceral fat content. Visceral fat is a piece that many people easily ignore, because it is hidden in the organs and cannot be touched from the outside. Even people who don’t look too fat may have internal organs. The problem of excessive fat, so it also needs strict attention.

InBody Measurement Considerations

Since InBody estimates the proportion of body composition by inputting a small amount of current into the human body, in order to make InBody measurement more accurate, it is recommended to unify the time period of InBody measurement (such as after waking up) and at least two hours after eating or exercising , and please also pay attention to avoid the following measurement opportunities:

1. Avoid dehydration, drink a lot of water, or measure when you have water on your body

The BIA principle adopted by InBody will be affected by water content. InBody testing in a dehydrated state will result in a higher resistance value, resulting in an overestimation of body fat; otherwise, an increase in water content will result in an underestimation of body fat.

2. Avoid postprandial measurements

After eating, a large amount of food accumulates in the stomach, and the current is less able to pass through, resulting in higher resistance, which easily leads to overestimation of body fat.

3. Avoid post-exercise measurements

Accelerated heartbeat, rapid blood circulation, rise in body temperature and profuse sweating after exercise can easily lead to underestimation of body fat; and loss of a large amount of water after exercise may lead to overestimation of body fat.

4. Avoid measuring after bathing

An increase in body temperature after taking a bath or soaking in a bath will reduce the resistance value and underestimate the body fat percentage.

The above is the arrangement of InBody measurement bases in Taichung.Every time I ask where I can measure InBody in Taichung, I always see a lot of fragmented information, which makes people more and more confused.In order to solve your problems, TWOSEVENTHS Directly collect InBody measurement bases in Taichung and the price of a single measurement. At the same time, it also briefly introduces the interpretation method of the InBody report, and takes you an article to learn all the things you need to know when measuring InBody in Taichung.If you want to know more about InBody, you can continue reading The Complete InBody Guide.If you want to find high-protein supplements after exercise, you can refer to this latestWhey Protein Brands Reviewed.

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