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Yoga no longer requires leaving the house to practice!Online yoga courses are not only popular abroad, but more and more instructors in Taiwan are switching from physical classes to online yoga classes. For students who like to practice at home, they save travel time and greatly increase their willingness to do yoga at home.However, which online yoga class is right for you?This article TWOSEVENTHS Recommend 6 online yoga instructors for you, integrate the course content and teaching style to provide you with the choice that best meets your needs.

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Online yoga class teacher recommendation

Aditi Yoga Studio

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I am teacher Irene Anqi. After I started teaching children's yoga in 2009, I started a yoga method specially designed for special groups.From the process of teaching special children, I realized the importance of physical and mental balance for caregivers, and began to specialize in yoga and healing methods suitable for all age groups and physical conditions.

Cheng Yoga

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I'm Huizhen, I don't use an English name, because wisdom and truth are my teaching attitude.I live in Paris and like to explore any body-related activities and sports. After graduating from the French Academy of Music and Dance in modern dance, I started my "body" teaching career in 2015.

Yoga with Vivian

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I am teacher Vivian. Yoga accompanies Vivian to overcome many difficulties in life. Whether it is work or health, I can feel my growth and progress bit by bit. This feeling is passed on to the students.

Mahina Mindfulflow

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I'm Mahina and I come from the field of motion psychotherapy.Yoga, mindfulness, and physical and mental exercises using the body as the medium accompany me on the road of highly energy-consuming modern life and trauma repair, and cultivate a power to connect with inner stable support. I also look forward to sharing this warmth with you who need it/ you.


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I am Yoanna, and I believe that physical health is necessary; mental growth is necessary; spiritual cultivation is important.Yoga practice and a little more kindness will bring us together :)

Yumi Yoga

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I am teacher Yumi. I used to be an office worker who did not exercise, but now I am a yoga teacher who turns exercise into a habit. I can experience the hardships and struggles experienced by beginners with empathy.Teaching singing bowls, yin yoga, and flow yoga, good at planning characteristic theme courses, and leading students to experience the beauty of yoga in the classroom.

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Common QA for online yoga classes

Online Yoga Class Yoga Teacher Recommendation 1

1. What do I need to prepare for an online yoga class?

Online yoga is conducted through online video tools, which can be taught through mobile phones, computers or tablets. Most instructors will recommend that students turn on the camera during online yoga classes and place it in a position where the whole body can be illuminated.In addition, you need to prepare practice space, yoga mats, towels, water bottles, etc. Depending on the course content, you may also need to prepare yoga bricks/balls/ropes or yoga pillows, but towels, elastic bands, pillows, and books can also be used as substitutes.

Online Yoga Class Yoga Teacher Recommendation 2

2. What is the charging standard for online yoga classes?

Online yoga classes are cheaper on average than physical classes, because doing yoga at home can save the cost of renting venues and props from the coach. The average single class is about $300 or more, and you can also buy more than 2 class tickets at a time.In addition, some online yoga instructors also offer discounted prices for single-class experiences, and students can purchase the number of classes according to their personal habits after the experience.

Online Yoga Class Yoga Teacher Recommendation 3

3. How to choose a suitable online yoga teacher?

There are many schools of yoga, some coaches focus on breathing conditioning, some focus on mindful relaxation or muscle strength training, and each coach has different teaching methods and styles.It is best to experience different types of online yoga courses first, including different factions and yoga instructors, etc. Over time, you will definitely be able to find an online yoga instructor that suits your own habits!

Online Yoga Class Yoga Teacher Recommendation 4

4. Can I sign up for online yoga classes without experience?

Inexperienced students are advised to ask the yoga instructor in advance. Basically, the online yoga instructor will observe each student's learning level or physical condition during the course and make adjustments. Students in the same class who encounter a gap in level will also give students different postures. Do alternate.However, because there is no instructor watching at home yoga, it is recommended to connect more with your own feelings during the course to avoid physical injury caused by excessive force.

Online Yoga Class Yoga Teacher Recommendation 5

5. What is the difference between online yoga classes and physical yoga classes?

Online yoga classes use the screen to adjust whether the student's posture is wrong, which is slightly less accurate than the physical class where the instructor directly adjusts the student's movement.In addition, there is no coach or other students to practice together in the remote class. If the self-demand is not high, it is easy to give up the challenge.However, because you can do yoga at home, you can save travel time and avoid crowds. It is very suitable for people who like to exercise at home.

Online Yoga Class Yoga Teacher Recommendation 7

6. How to book an online yoga class?Can you teach one-on-one?

Students can book online yoga classes through the form designed by the coach, social software or booking system. The registration link can be searched on the social platform of the yoga coach or obtained by private message.Class opening standards will vary according to the rules of each coach. Some coaches can start classes with one person, and also provide one-on-one online yoga teaching. Students can discuss with the coach online.

Online Yoga Class Yoga Teacher Recommendation 6

7. What styles of yoga classes are offered online?

Nowadays, online yoga teaching has become very popular, and it is very convenient to learn different yoga schools through the Internet.The more common ones include flow yoga, yin yoga, hatha yoga or Pilates.In addition, you can also learn mindfulness meditation or mind-body-soul integration courses online, etc., covering a wide range, and students can consult with the coaches before making a decision.

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    Can I take classes online while abroad?
    i never got on
    I am also fifty-eight years old, can I go in this way?
    Ask about fees and class times

    I will trouble you again

    • TWOSEVENTHS Indicates:

      Because it is an online course, you can also take it abroad.
      For detailed fees and class methods, you can choose interested coaches to ask

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    Hello👋I want to know the calculation of the price of online yoga classes at each level or is there any discount?Are there trial classes available?Thank you 🙏

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