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Women in modern society are becoming more and more powerful. Unlike traditional women who only need to take care of the family, the roles of girls today are more diverse. They are mothers, daughters, and wives at home; Transformation, while meeting the needs of those around you, do you often forget yourself? 38 The origin of Women's Day is to commemorate the 1909 American socialists who spoke out for women's rights. In this festival celebrating women's rights and gender equality around the world, TWOSEVENTHS I have specially shared the following 8 activity proposals for girls to love themselves, reminding all great women to remember to listen to their inner voices at all times and not ignore their own needs. And all men, don’t forget to wish a happy 38th Women’s Day and express your love for the women around you. The love and support of the family.

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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spa massage

38 The essence of Women's Day activities is to let girls relax and unwind, and a spa massage is the perfect choice. SPA has a lot of benefits for girls. In addition to decompressing the body and mind through healing music, fresh essential oils, and relaxing techniques, various types of skin care treatments provided by the SPA, including massage, facial care, and hair removal, can make you feel more comfortable. Girls maintain healthy skin and delay aging; herbal baths, mud baths, etc. can promote blood circulation and improve body TaichungShuizhijing SPA There are more than 60 kinds of SPA courses, such as the herbal medicine ball meridian warming course, which perfectly combines the characteristics of Eastern and Western SPAs. Through the oriental herbal ball hot compress, combined with the meridian massage of Swiss essential oils, the muscles can be completely relaxed.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung-Shuizhijing SPA

Shuizhijing SPA is a SPA center that has been in operation for many years. The manager is proficient in a variety of facial and body care techniques to provide guests with unique SPA services.At present, Shuizhijing provides more than 60 kinds of body SPA courses and 30-40 kinds of facial maintenance courses. Each treatment course is equipped with exclusive techniques and essential oils, allowing guests to relax and relieve stress.

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Nowadays, the aesthetic concept that emphasizes thinness is beauty is outdated. Only with proper muscle lines can girls be healthy and beautiful. Neurotransmitters such as dopamine produced by exercise can reduce stress and anxiety. Appropriate weight training can also help increase muscle mass and bone density, prevent osteoporosis and other problems, and can effectively improve both mental and physical health. TaichungFireweed FitnessThere is also a special area for women's priority, and even pregnant women and seniors are welcome to come to train.If you also want to take advantage of the 38 Women's Day to give yourself a gift, investing in your health will never lose money!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung - grass training

Hancao Training is a non-binding gym located in the West District of Taichung. It uses an intelligent system to make the entire venue intelligent.For example, users can use the app to display barcodes for entry scanning, and the lockers use a face recognition system, which saves the trouble of carrying keys and other troubles, and can be opened only by swiping their faces.

Check out the full introduction to Brassica Training

Scalp SPA

Many people remember to wash their hair every day, but forget that the scalp also needs pampering.Scalp SPA generally uses essential oils, hair care products and other products to deeply clean the scalp. In addition to removing grease and dirt, it can also stimulate the blood circulation of the head, increase the oxygen supply and nutrient absorption of the scalp, and promote the healthy growth of hair. For some people with hair loss Troubled women, improving blood circulation in the scalp can also reduce the problem of easy hair breakage!During the massage process of the scalp spa, listening to the comfortable music and smelling the fragrant essential oils, the body and mind can relax a lot. If you guys haven’t thought about what to give as a gift for the 38 Women’s Day, I recommend buying it for the other half A scalp SPA experience, let her hard work enjoy it.

Sweat curtain

If you like to watch Korean dramas and yearn to go to the Korean steaming screen experience like the heroine in it, you can take advantage of this 38th Women's Day celebration to reward yourself.The principle of the sweat steaming screen is to expand the pores by staying in a high temperature and high humidity environment for about 40 minutes, and to remove toxins and wastes from the body through perspiration.In addition to removing dirt and clogged pores for smoother skin, sweating in the heat also increases blood circulation for a healthier taipei'sStone of Light Steaming CurtainThe importance of health preservation is quite emphasized. You can choose a combination of sweat steaming and acupressure, so that the muscles can be properly taken care of after detoxification.If you are also a woman who often sits in an office or stands for a long time, it is highly recommended to relax!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Stone of Light Steam Curtain

Light Stone Energy Steam Club provides steaming screen and massage as the two most important services.The general process will first increase the body temperature through a 40-minute sweat steaming curtain, improve blood circulation throughout the body, promote metabolism and discharge of old waste substances, and then relax the fascia and muscles through massage to achieve a good body recovery effect.

View the full introduction of Guangzhishi sweat steaming screen

Nail art

Although appearance does not represent ability, it is still very important for girls to dress up well to make a good first impression.At present, there are many beauty services on the market. For girls who don’t know how to dress up or are too lazy to dress up, in addition to professional help, services such as manicures and eyelash extensions can last for days or even weeks at a time. Every morning It can also save the time of applying nail polish, which can be said to be a good news for lazy people.However, just because these achievements will follow you for a while, it is more important to check the reviews in advance and carefully choose the store that suits you. You can refer to our evaluation of nail art items in each region below to choose the store that suits you best.

face care

Do you usually invest a lot of money in skin care products but see no effect?In fact, regular facials for girls not only allow professional beauticians to monitor skin conditions at any time, because facials are usually combined with basic shoulder and neck massage, which can relax the body and mind and relieve the pressure of life.Facial studios usually have different courses for different skin conditions and needs. Some focus on moisturizing and repairing, which can increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles and fine lines; some focus on whitening. Skin looks more radiant.Take advantage of the 38 Women's Day to take good care of yourself and give your facial skin a chance to breathe again.


Ear picking is a very popular activity in Taiwan in recent years. Through the use of auxiliary tools such as peacock feather brushes, ear picks, goose feather sticks, and tuning forks, the face and body can be relaxed and the pleasure of "intracranial orgasm" can be achieved.At present, there are many ear picking studios all over Taiwan, each of which provides different services and characteristics, like the one in Taichung.Earsmith, a LIVE screen will be provided during the ear canal examination before ear transplantation, allowing you to see the condition of your ears, and share ear cleaning together to better understand how to maintain it in the future.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung - Hearing ear craftsman

In addition to services such as ear picking, ear candling SPA, and silver bead eye treatment, the ear craftsmen of Hearing also provide facial SPA.The light music in the store and the soft voice of the ear picker are relaxing.The store provides a LIVE screen, allowing customers to see the condition of their ears in real time.In addition, four shop cats will appear in the studio, adding a lot of cute atmosphere.

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Bedrock bath

Rock bath is a traditional health bath therapy method originated from Japan. Just lie on a hot stone slab and use the heat, negative ions and infrared rays emitted by the stone to help the body detoxify and relax. It can be said to be a lazy way of health.Because when lying on the stone, the infrared rays emitted by the stone can promote blood circulation, help relax the muscles of the body and relieve fatigue, and then achieve the effect of feeling good about insomnia. It is very important to take a bath and relax. Let’s catch up with friends and have a 38th Women’s Day celebration!

The above are the recommendations for this 38 Women's Day event. TWOSEVENTHS Selected 8 activities and experiences for girls to love themselves.Although it is said that women are busy 365 days regardless of day and night, they still have to pamper themselves well on 38 Women's Day, a day exclusively for girls. Only when you are healthy, happy, and confident can you spare the time to take care of those around you. Happy 38th Women's Day to all the great girls and women in the world!

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