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In a blink of an eye, half of this year has passed, and soon it will be Valentine's Day, which girlfriends are most looking forward to but boyfriends are most worried about! TWOSEVENTHS To help you sort out 10 girlfriends’ favorite Valentine’s Day activities and recommendations, to give you some inspiration for those who are still wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day this year and where to take your other half for romance.Whether you want to arrange some warm dating itineraries, find a secret dating spot, or enjoy the time that only belongs to you with your other half, arrange a romantic date on Valentine's Day, or experience new things together to warm up your relationship go!

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Metalworking | Make couple rings to make the relationship warm

Many girls love DIY classes, especially with their other half.If you still don't know what to do on Valentine's Day this year, handmade couple rings are definitely your best choice.For couples, the ring symbolizes the commitment to love; and the couple rings handmade by the two of you represent the unique relationship between you.Let's have a romantic date on Chinese Valentine's Day under the appraisal of the metalworking teacher!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Tainan-LYNLI Jewelry

LYNLI Jewelry's metalworking experience studio is located on the third floor of HUJI Coffee in Central West District, Tainan City. In addition to experiencing interesting couple ring DIY, the course also includes a drink and dessert, which can be enjoyed on the first floor before or after class. , is the perfect date itinerary for couples in Tainan. During the process of making the couple's ring, the store will assist in taking photos and records, and even provide a mobile phone holder for taking selfies and time-lapse to record this precious moment together.

Ear Picking | Take an ear massage and stress-relieving journey

Due to the fast-paced life of modern people, the pressure is also increasing. Couples may wish to consider taking an ear-picking massage to relieve stress on Valentine’s Day, so as to relieve the pressure of work together.In addition to ear cleaning, the ear-picking treatment also uses feathers and tuning fork vibrations to help relax the ears.In addition, many ear picking stores provide ear candles, eye washes, facial spas, body spas and other services, which are definitely the most stress-relieving Valentine's Day activities.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Lubaobao Ear Picking SPA

Lubaobaby has two branches in Taipei, the Sanchong Founding Store and the Neihu Flagship Store. It provides full appointment-based ear picking services in Taipei, from ear picking, silver bead eye washing, eye pressure relief, eye atomization SPA, facial muscle pulling , ear candle SPA, neck, shoulder and head pressure relief, complete eye to shoulder and neck relaxation services, suitable for all people with high pressure in life.

View the complete introduction of Lubaobao’s ear-picking

Flower Art | Make a bouquet of eternal flowers that symbolize love

It is said that there is no girl who does not like flowers, as long as a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates, a girl's heart can be captured.However, real flowers will wither, but your heart will not!On Valentine's Day, which is only once a year, take your girlfriend to make a bouquet of flowers that symbolizes eternal love!In addition to not fading or withering, immortal flowers can also retain their natural beauty; they symbolize eternal beauty and the value of life, and remind people to cherish the present.Couples can choose to make a bouquet of flowers together, or each hand-made a bouquet of flowers to give to each other, hoping for a long-lasting relationship in the future. It is definitely a must-have for dating on Valentine’s Day!

Tufting | Weaving a rug that only belongs to us

Recently, the handmade rug has been very hot on Instagram. Almost all the girls who have seen it want to make an appointment to experience it immediately. Arranging it in the Valentine's Day dating itinerary will definitely make girls feel warm in their hearts!The pattern of the handmade carpet can be a photo of you and your other half, or a pattern that you both like, and then put it in a small corner of the house. Every time you see it, you can think of the warm time you made together.Or you can design a rug each, and give it to each other while explaining the meaning of the pattern after a day of dating.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung-Tuft Tuft Cat

Tuft Tuft Cat offers a variety of DIY classes on rugs, mirrors, bags and throw pillows.During the process, the teachers adopt "walking teaching", so that students can play freely with peace of mind, and the teacher will answer any questions immediately.It is a Taichung handmade carpet studio with no time limit and no color limit. It is the most suitable for novices!

View Tuft Tuft Cat full description

Ear Candling | Experience Ear Candling SPA Slow Life

Some people say that the way to maintain freshness is to experience different things from the old people, and this is the real novelty!Taking advantage of Valentine's Day, let's experience the ear candling therapy that we have only heard of but not yet experienced with our significant other.Ear candling SPA is a natural therapy and a common ear care treatment in the ear picking industry. It can not only clean ears, relieve tinnitus, but also effectively relieve headaches and help relieve stress.It is recommended that young couples can relax and relieve the long-accumulated daily stress before arranging a romantic Valentine's Day date, and enjoy the ear candling treatment together.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

SUP | Stand up paddle for two to cultivate tacit understanding

In recent years, many popular scenic spots in Taiwan have launched SUP stand-up paddle activities, and many stores can form a group with 2 people.Don't know where to go on Valentine's Day?Arrange a romantic date on the water and watch the sunrise with your significant other on a SUP stand-up paddle!Most SUP stores have 4 tours: sunrise tour, morning tour, afternoon tour and sunset tour. It is recommended that boyfriends can start their day’s dating schedule with the sunrise tour, or use the sunset tour to draw a picture for the whole day’s dating activities. Dot.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Motel | Romantic Pool Party for Two

In addition to the itinerary of playing and eating during the day, the itinerary of the old driver at night is even more indispensable. It is definitely the focus of the activities of Qixi Valentine's Day!The current motel room types are very rich, from KTV singing, role-playing to swimming in the pool, etc. are not a problem.In addition to providing an outdoor super-style swimming pool, some motorcycles are also equipped with SPA and steam room, which can definitely wash away your fatigue and give you a passionate and energetic night!Still don't know how to choose a hotel for Valentine's Day on Qixi Festival?It is recommended to choose a Motel with a swimming pool for your girlfriend, and play with your other half in the pool. In addition to adding fun, you can also take a few enviable photos online.

Drawing | Hand-painted to record every moment of life

Do you remember when was the last time you drew a picture?In fact, painting can help us develop our creativity, divert our attention, and achieve the effect of stress relief.In recent years, many coffee shops and galleries have successively launched painting courses, which are suitable for lovers who are usually busy with schoolwork or work, slow down time together, and enjoy the moment of painting.In addition to relieving stress and relaxation, couples painting together can also enhance the emotional connection with Bici. You can reveal your emotions to your partner in the painting, and then have deeper or different exchanges. This year’s Valentine’s Day Make good memories.

Foot Massage | Let's Massage to Relax Body and Soul

Busy modern people may have to deal with several times more things every day than in the past, so timely relaxation is particularly important.You may also arrange a full-body massage to relieve stress during the Valentine's Day event on Chinese Valentine's Day, to reward yourself and your significant other who work hard at ordinary times.There are many health care centers open 24 hours a day, and couples can freely arrange a suitable time. It is recommended to enjoy a massage after a long day of dating, so that you can sleep better when you go home!

In addition, if your significant other is a pregnant mother, you can also go to a massage store for pregnant women to relax, let the professional master understand the pregnancy situation first, and choose the most suitable massage plan for pregnant mothers.What's even better is that many massage shops also provide a variety of SPA massage treatments. In addition to massage for pregnant women, even husbands can come and enjoy it together.

Diving | Experience diving in the sea

In recent years, diving activities have risen, and diving licenses have also become popular, in order to see the beauty of the underwater.In addition to hand-made activities, outdoor couples can sign up for diving courses with their significant other, and try new things together to maintain the love between you.Who says Valentine's Day is only for fancy date restaurants?It is definitely cooler to arrange a three-day and two-night diving license test itinerary!

The above are the recommendations for this Valentine's Day event. TWOSEVENTHS We have sorted out 10 good places for Valentine's Day dating on Chinese Valentine's Day, so that boyfriends who are still thinking about where to go for romance can arrange dating activities more easily, and get back the feeling of honeymoon with their girlfriends.But in fact, no matter how your boyfriend or girlfriend arranges the date, the other half will surely be touched by your careful planning!Because no matter where you go on Valentine's Day this year, as long as you are with each other, it will be a romantic date.

In addition to the above recommendations, boyfriends can also refer to this article based on the 12 constellations.Dating tips for couples, find the most suitable dating experience for each zodiac sign.In addition, the same sceneGirlfriend Birthday Gift Tips, Be prepared at ordinary times, so that you won't need to hold Buddha's feet temporarily!

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