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As a boyfriend, do you often feel headaches about the couple's dating itinerary?Some girls like static activities and just want to stay at home and get along with their boyfriends during vacations; while others like to go out for a walk and experience new things.Although if two people are in love, they will be happy no matter what they do, but if they choose the right dating activities, they will definitely be more fond of each other! TWOSEVENTHS Help everyone analyze the dating spots that girls who are hard to guess from the 12 constellations, recommend it to men who are in an ambiguous period, hurry up and take advantage of the time to go out to make girls like you Up Up, and also recommend it to couples who usually don’t know Old couples and old wives who are going on a date, go out together to warm up their relationship.

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Capricorn|Take care of you and your ears

Capricorn girls are very patient. Not only are they rational and organized, they are also pragmatic, whether it is work or love, and they will not change their minds once they decide on many things.However, such Capricorn women are actually super boring, they are just like ordinary girls longing to be loved, cared for and remembered.

If you still don’t know how to arrange a date with a Capricorn girl, be sure to remember the little things she once said and pay attention to the small details in life.It is recommended that boyfriends take their Capricorn girls to experience ear-picking. It also provides many services such as ear candles, eye washing, singing bowls, etc. It is the best choice for boyfriends to choose as a couple date activity.Taichung North District Hearing ear craftsman, a warm and relaxing private space, just suitable for a young couple. In addition to ear picking, you can also enjoy a series of head, shoulder and neck relaxation such as eye care and facial SPA.

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Aquarius Girl|Let's go to the bar to talk about things

Aquarius women are usually very self-conscious. Many people may think that they are very independent, but in fact they are eager to be listened to.

If you want to further your relationship with an Aquarius woman, come and have a chat, then the bar is a great place for a couple's date!In addition to the alcohol in the bars, the music bars not only have a good environment and a good atmosphere, but even a few live bands are resident every day, and there is an exclusive song order service. At this time, you can order a romantic love song as a gift. Aquarius girl opposite.For couples who pay special attention to privacy, you can also choose the underground bar. I believe that you will be able to create unexpected sparks with the Aquarius woman!

Pisces girl|Handmade cakes make feelings warm

Pisces women are tender and feminine, and gentleness is their synonym. Pisces girls are very romantic, especially want to see boys show love.

You don’t need to book an expensive online beauty restaurant for a couple’s date itinerary. You only need to let the Pisces woman see that you are working hard on your relationship life, like making a "handmade cake" that belongs only to the two of you. The point is not whether the final product is good or not. Delicious, but the process of making cakes together!There are many cake DIY studios in Taiwan that not only have a wealth of baking items, including cakes, biscuits, desserts, pets, but also "customized" production, which is very suitable for several young couples to meet and experience together, creating a unique experience on a date remember.

Aries|Escape from the secret room to cultivate feelings

Aries girls are more face-saving and have strong self-esteem. Many people may think that their personality is more difficult to get close to, but in fact, many Aries girls are just outspoken, but the most sincere words are buried in their hearts.

And such a strong Aries girl also likes to find exciting and interesting things in life. At this time, you must not miss "Escape Room" in your dating schedule!Many people may worry that the escape room requires a group of talents to play, but in fact, many operators have introduced the theme that only two people can play, which is a great opportunity for two people to cultivate their relationship in the early stage of ambiguity, such as TaipeiLogic screwdriverThere is a small secret room for 2 people, to a large-scale three-line theme for 20 people to play together, and there is even an English version. Even foreign friends can have fun together. Take your Aries girl to experience together. Maybe they will develop deep revolutionary emotions!

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Taipei - Logic Screwdriver

There are currently 5 games in Romance Opener Escape Room, with a wide variety of themes and players, ranging from a small secret room for 2 people to a large-scale three-line theme for 20 people to play together.All games emphasize the immersive sense of immersion, and actively challenge the perfect cooperation of sound and light effects and organs, so that people who like secret rooms can have fun.

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Taurus|Soak in hot springs and enjoy life together

Presumably most people know that Taurus girls have a sense of responsibility and patience, they will remember many things you casually said, and they will often prepare some little surprises in life.However, Taurus girls are also very frugal at the same time, and they rarely spend money to sympathize with their usual hard work, and always feel that they can support it a little longer.

If you also meet such a Taurus girl, you must remember to take her to relax, such as massage, steam room or hot spring, and enjoy the beauty of life with her.If girls also like nature, you can arrange a date in Wulai. In the morning, you can go to Wulai Waterfall, stroll around Wulai Old Street and taste Atayal cuisine, and then go to the nearby hot spring club for a dip Go to a hot spring to relax, and take a stress-relieving day trip to Wulai.

Gemini|Make handmade rings to create a sense of freshness

Gemini girls have a strong curiosity about many things, they are usually eloquent and open-minded, but such a Gemini girl actually tends to think a lot and has emotional ups and downs, so you need to express your warm love for her in a timely manner.

If you don't know where the couple is going on a date, for the Gemini girls who like to experience new things, if the boys can take the initiative to make handmade rings together, it will definitely give the Gemini girls a sense of Kaohsiung Art64, one person can start the class, and a maximum of two guests can be received at a time. It is just suitable for couples who like to have private space to date and make rings. They will also prepare small gifts in advance for students who participate in the metalworking course. It is recommended that boyfriends secretly help Gemini girlfriends to make appointments together. Make a handmade ring that only belongs to you!

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ART64 has branches all over Taiwan, offering experience items ranging from the most basic rings, necklaces, and bracelets to gold jewelry creation courses; all metalwork is completed on the same day and can be taken away immediately. In addition to the small gifts prepared in advance for students participating in the metalworking course, the store will also provide one-day silversmith certification cards and event photos after the event!

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Cancer|Night View Café Chatting about Life

Cancer women are famous family lovers. They are delicate and considerate, and they are very good at caring for others. The first priority in their hearts is often not themselves. However, Cancer women who seem to be good at taking care of others actually long for someone to take care of in their hearts. For yourself, well-arranged a couple date itinerary is definitely a big plus.

Whether you are in an affair with a Cancer girl or have been dating for a while, I recommend that you find a night view cafe to chat, learn about the future dream family life of a Cancer girl, and get closer to each other.Many night view cafes in Taichung are located in excellent locations, with a panoramic view of the night view. It is really comfortable to have a glass of mixed wine and a few plates of fried food. Some shops will also prepare candlesticks to increase the light and add a romantic atmosphere.

Leo|Creating a romantic world for two

Lion girls look sunny, warm and confident in front of friends, but in fact they also have a girly side in front of lovers. I believe you are no stranger to dating Lion girls. They always want to be the brightest star on the stage, but I want my lover to have only myself in my heart.

Don't rush home after dating all day, you can take the Leo woman to the motel together to find some excitement for the two of you and express your passionate love for her; The girl's passionate side in private, experiencing different motels, is definitely a good choice for couples to rekindle their love for an indoor dating itinerary!Motels all over Taiwan have a variety of room types, and many bathrooms are equipped with waterproof mattresses or double jacuzzi bathtubs. Whether you want to play with bubbles or take a comfortable couple's bath, there is no problem.

Virgo|Cook by yourself and make a dinner for her

Many people have impressions of Virgos in the 12 constellations who are a bit clean and fuzzy, but they are serious in their work, observant of things in detail, and they are sensitive. They can always judge whether you love her the same from many small details of life, especially if you haven’t dated her yet. When you are young, a virgin girl may first decide whether to be with you from the casual little things.

In life, their ideas are relatively practical. Instead of arranging a high-end western meal when a couple is dating, it is better to cook by themselves to show their love and intentions.There are many cooking classes all over Taiwan, ranging from Western food, Taiwanese food, snacks to all kinds of exotic dishes. It is recommended for boyfriends to sign up to learn how to cook, and find a day to cook a surprise meal for girlfriend!

Libra|Take a trip to a small island in winter

Libra women are usually very temperamental, not only good at dressing up, but also very smart, and quick to respond, and such Libra girls are also very quick to make decisions. They like dating partners or boyfriends who can give them several action options concisely and powerfully. Or directly decide on a special and interesting couple's date event, and bring her directly!

Many people may think that outlying islands are only suitable for visiting in summer. In fact, Xiaoliuqiu is suitable for traveling all year round, and you can avoid crowds in winter. The climate is moderate, and there are not a large number of tourists affecting your date.For couples who like water sports, Xiaoliuqiu is recommendedEnjoy the islandIn the SUP course, in addition to teaching courses suitable for beginners, the coach will also help you take professional photos with one eye and leave happy memories together.

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Scorpio|Let’s go to the sweat steaming screen to relieve stress

The familiar Scorpio girl is always very low-key, she seems to be the coldest among the 12 constellations, always waiting for the opposite sex to take action, but if you are with a Scorpio girl, you can definitely feel her strong love, because she is super good at Jealous, especially when dating, Scorpio girls don't like crowded and noisy places, as long as you are there.

It is recommended that boys can take Scorpio girls to experience the steaming screen, and let them relax in the steaming room together, fold a croissant hat, apply a mask, and then eat comfortably KaohsiungNatural Mud·Sweat Steam, is a sweat steaming screen launched by a well-known plastic surgery and beauty system. The number of sweat steaming rooms is sufficient, and male and female guests who are not in the same group can be arranged separately, allowing customers to relax in a private space. The purple rice porridge and herbal eggs are really caring with more than 100 points.It is recommended that you can use the sweat steaming screen to end the tiring couple's dating itinerary all day, and chat with the Scorpio girl while detoxifying!

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Kaohsiung - Natural Mud·Sweat Steam

Natural Mu Sweat Steam has two branches in Kaohsiung. The interior decoration of the store is simple and elegant. The three steam rooms are all made of fragrant fir wood, Bianstone, diatomaceous earth, and rose salt rock, which are rich in trace minerals and organic compounds.At the end, a health-preserving meal will be provided, and the menu will be changed from time to time. It is a steaming scene with both detoxification and nutritional supplements.

Sagittarius|New Experience of Equestrian Course

Among the 12 constellations, the Sagittarius woman can be said to be the most lively, cheerful and generous representative. They love to experience life and are curious about all new things. When traveling, they must go to places they have never been to.

If you are thinking about where to go on a date with a Sagittarius girl, it is recommended to take the Sagittarius girl to experience a special activity, such as diving or horseback riding, so that the Sagittarius girl can see the couple date itinerary you have carefully arranged for her!Many horse farms in Taichung are very spacious. Although the equestrian course is short, the process is very solid. Some trainers let the experiencer let the experiencer manipulate the horse from the beginning of the action explanation to the end. It is a very fulfilling thing. It is a very special experience to take pictures with children and take horses to graze.

The above is the recommended itinerary for this couple's date. TWOSEVENTHS Analyze the dating activities suitable for girls from the 12 zodiac signs, making it easier for boys to arrange dating locations and win the hearts of girls!The above couple dating activities are all based on the personality of the zodiac sign, but the zodiac sign is only one of the options for reference. Boys still need to get to know her personality and preferences through their daily relationship with the girl, so as to arrange a perfect couple dating itinerary , as long as you feel your intentions, I believe the relationship will be able to warm up a lot.

In addition to ordinary dating, girlfriend's birthday and Valentine's Day are also annual problems for boyfriends. Boyfriends who don't know what to do are strongly recommended toGirlfriend Birthday Arrangement Tips,as well asValentine's Day Activities RaidersRead it several times!Of course, in addition to girlfriends, mothers are also one of the most important women in every man's life, so don't think about festive activitiesMother's DayForget it.

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