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What can you give your boyfriend as a birthday gift that is both practical and touching? If you always only think about physical goods such as wallets, clothes or electronic products when you want to break the bank, you might as well try arranging a birthday surprise plan for your partner! TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 recommended boyfriend birthday itinerary plans to give you some inspiration for those who are still worried about what gifts to give to boys. Unlike physical goods, an event focuses on the process of participation and the intention. Regardless of the budget, if you are gifting it to a friend or boyfriend, you can choose an activity to let the other person find time to relax, or you can participate together to create shared memories!

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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There is no more romantic gift than a handmade ring! It is recommended that you sign up for a metalworking ring-making course. Whether you are making rings together for each other, or making a ring yourself as a gift for your boyfriend, it is a great birthday surprise plan for your boyfriend. During the DIY process, both parties focused on making the ring for each other. The memories of the making process itself are precious gifts. In addition to being full of sincerity, the ring itself also represents the importance that each other attaches to the relationship. In addition, giving each other a handmade The biggest advantage of the ring is that whenever the other person raises his hand in the future, he will definitely think of you!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei- Everyday is a Gift

Everyday is a Gift handmade studio provides a variety of experience courses, including couple rings, bracelets, twist rings, wedding rings, etc., with exquisite and diverse styles, and you can also choose to purchase personalized options such as fingerprint engraving, electroplating, and diamond setting. . The DIY course provides copper pieces for practice, and the final product can be taken home as a souvenir.

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Tainan-LYNLI Jewelry

LYNLI Jewelry's metalworking experience studio is located on the third floor of HUJI Coffee in Central West District, Tainan City. In addition to experiencing interesting couple ring DIY, the course also includes a drink and dessert, which can be enjoyed on the first floor before or after class. , is the perfect date itinerary for couples in Tainan. During the process of making the couple's ring, the store will assist in taking photos and records, and even provide a mobile phone holder for taking selfies and time-lapse to record this precious moment together.

handmade carpet

Handmade rugs have become very popular on Instagram recently. Compared with buying ready-made products, making your own rugs is not only unique, but also allows two people to work together to complete the work, which adds a touch of warmth and memories during the making process. In addition, you can choose the pattern of the carpet by yourself. You can choose a photo with the other person, or a pattern that the other person likes. It is suitable for decoration at home or as a healing object in the company. The other person will think of it every time he sees it. The happy time you spent making carpets together was the result of a careful yet practical boyfriend's birthday itinerary.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung-Tuft Tuft Cat

Tuft Tuft Cat offers a variety of DIY classes on rugs, mirrors, bags and throw pillows.During the process, the teachers adopt "walking teaching", so that students can play freely with peace of mind, and the teacher will answer any questions immediately.It is a Taichung handmade carpet studio with no time limit and no color limit. It is the most suitable for novices!

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scuba diving

Taiwan is surrounded by sea, and the surrounding waters are rich in marine ecology. However, many people have never seen the beautiful underwater world. If you are worried about how to arrange a surprise birthday plan for your boyfriend, and he is a person who loves outdoor activities, you may wish to send A scuba diving experience and enjoy swimming with tropical fish and turtles. The diving experience is usually led by a diving instructor with 1-1 students, who will also help take photos during the process. Since diving sites are often close to tourist attractions, you can arrange a day trip in conjunction with diving and plan it into a full-day itinerary. Even novice divers can easily participate!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Little Liuqiu - Diving in Liuqiu

The instructor of Juliu Diving will select suitable diving sites and diving routes according to the experience and skill level of divers to ensure the safety of divers.In addition to providing diving-related courses and activities, Juliu Diving also pays attention to environmental protection, encouraging divers to respect marine ecology and protect the marine environment.

Check out the full introduction to Juliu Diving

Xiaoliuqiu - SNOWDIVING

SNOWDIVING is a diving shop located in Xiaoliuqiu, offering a variety of diving courses and itineraries, including scuba diving certification, Fun Dive, boat diving and scuba diving experience.Classes use PADI and SSI systems with a 1:3 teacher-student ratio.In addition, snow diving also provides an additional package itinerary to make it easier for guests to participate in diving activities.

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Vietnamese hair shampoo

Vietnamese-style hair washing is also called health shampoo. This method of hair washing pays special attention to hair and scalp care. Herbs and Chinese medicinal materials are used in the process, which can improve the problem of men's scalp being prone to oiliness. In addition, Vietnamese-style hair washing is also good news for lazy people. The one-stop service allows you to enjoy massage, hair washing, facial shaping, ear picking, shaving, eyebrow trimming and other services at the same time. It can be used as a birthday itinerary for your boyfriend. It is not only super considerate but also Let him come out with a new look! Some shampoo shops also provide private rooms so that couples can relieve stress, chat, and spend a relaxing time together.

Full Body Massage

Whether you are an office worker or a student, sitting or standing for long periods of time, coupled with lack of exercise, can easily lead to "occupational injuries" such as shoulder, neck and back pain. At this time, find a professional massage shop to help you perform full-body massage. Relieving stress is the best medicine to rejuvenate your body! Massage shops offer affordable foot massages, as well as high-priced exquisite spas, or sports massages and scraping massages for special groups to choose from. If you feel that your partner is usually too stressed, you can’t go wrong by arranging a massage experience for your boyfriend’s birthday. !

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taoyuan - Zeye Oriental Health Manor

Zeye Oriental Health Manor is located in Taoyuan Cultural Zone. It is a massage parlor introduced from Taipei. The museum provides a variety of massage services, including foot massage, acupressure, oil pressure, facial beauty and ear candling to relieve stress, and provides single service or package options. The masseur lineup includes both men and women and provides professional massage services. After the service, customers can enjoy homemade healthy snacks and hotpot pasta.

View the complete introduction of Zeye Oriental Health Manor

Hsinchu - Japanese Yun Spa

The Japanese-style Yun Spa is located in Hsinchu's Jucheng Business District. The interior decoration is integrated with Japanese classical style, and it provides single-room private rooms and double-room private rooms. The main services include full body massage and immersive head therapy. The package also includes foot massage, which lasts from 60 minutes. The store also provides a 3-hour massage full meal, and two people traveling together can enjoy a 95% discount in the VIP box.

Medical beauty botulinum toxin

As we age, wrinkles on our face become more and more common. Botox is the most introductory course of medical aesthetics. The price is not high and the brands are diverse. Depending on the location of the injection, it can have different effects. For example, injection on the masticatory muscles and calves can modify the shape of the face and legs; injection between the eyebrows and the end of the eyes can eliminate wrinkles; injection on the trapezius muscles of the shoulders. , it can relieve shoulder and neck stiffness. Its advantage is that it can be applied quickly and you can feel it clearly within a few days. Beauty is no longer just for girls. If you have enough budget, your boyfriend’s birthday surprise plan will give you a botulinum toxin course directly, allowing the other party to decide the injection site by themselves, or you can accompany your boyfriend to perform the injection together, so that the two of you can become more beautiful and confident together. !

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung - Ericsson Clinic

Ericsson Clinic is located on Wenxin Road, close to the MRT City Hall Station. The spacious and bright clinic has private consultation rooms. The clinic's operating procedures include first confirming the items to be injected, and then consulting with the doctor to evaluate the site and dosage to be injected. Only after everything is confirmed is correct, the Botox injection will be started. In addition, Ericsson Clinic also provides a variety of beauty services such as phototherapy, picosecond laser, plastic surgery, and curve sculpture.

rock climbing

Have you not experienced the pleasure of sore muscles and sweating profusely for a long time? If you are worried about what to give a boy as a birthday gift, the rock climbing experience that combines strength and beauty is very suitable for two people to go together. Rock climbing is divided into up climbing and bouldering. Up climbing can experience the excitement of height, and bouldering allows you to enjoy discussing the route with your partners during the process. , the fun of challenging different difficulties. In the process of rock climbing together, it can greatly enhance the relationship between the two. Moreover, the cost of rock climbing is not high. Usually the admission fee is less than 1,000 yuan and you can use it for a whole day. It is definitely a birthday surprise plan for your boyfriend. Painting recommendation!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Jiao Climbing Gym

Jiao Climbing Gym currently has two branches in Huashan and Zhongshan. The rock wall uses the same design method without main screw holes as the Tokyo Olympic bouldering competition, which is very safe. In addition, the two branches of the Jiao Climbing Gym have more than 100 routes in total, covering all kinds of terrains and route types. The routes will be changed regularly, so everyone has new routes to challenge every week!

View the full introduction of Angle Climbing Gym

Taipei- MegaSTONE

MegaSTONE is located in Xinzhuang, New Taipei City. It is one of the few rock climbing gyms in the north that has both a bouldering field and an upper climbing wall.Routes range from the simplest VB to V8+, and Kilter Board can challenge thousands of routes designed by domestic and foreign rock climbers through the console or through the exclusive app.

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image photo

Beautiful moments cannot be paused, but the memories and looks of that time can be retained through images. Not only wedding photos are taken when getting married, but now more and more couples are choosing to take a group of couple photos on the anniversary of their relationship. If you are looking for a gift for a boy, you might as well take a personal image photo, which can not only take a personal souvenir, but also It can be put on LinkedIn as a professional photo for job applications. Nowadays, many photo studios not only provide photography, but also provide one-stop services such as clothing rental, makeup and hair design, and provide posture guidance. It is definitely a pragmatic boyfriend's birthday itinerary.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei-Hershey Movie Golden Years

Golden Years is located at Exit 2 of Zhongshan MRT Station. The studio is spacious and bright, with soft lighting and many personal photos displayed on the wall. We specialize in professional image photography, and also provide services such as employment photos, ID photos, and group photos. Academic robes and black ties are provided on site, but other clothing needs need to be brought by yourself. All shooting must be booked on the official website in advance, and the reservation system provides selectable shooting periods within three weeks.

View the complete introduction of Hershey Video

Fitness coach

While modern people are working hard to live their lives, they often neglect their physical health. Nowadays, gyms can be found everywhere and are affordable. It is very easy to go to the gym. However, if you have poor posture or do not know how to arrange a training menu, it may have the opposite effect and cause injury to the body. Regardless of whether the gift recipient is a boy or a girl, it is very suitable to give the person a fitness coaching class. In addition to understanding your physical condition, some coaches will also provide suggestions on life and diet. It is highly recommended to send a fitness coaching class to maintain physical fitness. , and also move towards a better self.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei- MORE FIT

MORE FIT currently has 4 branches, including Jiangzicui store, Shifu store, Songjiang Nanjing store, and Wanfang store. There are three charging modes: time-based ($1.2/minute), count of $200 or monthly subscription of $980. Monthly subscription can directly cross branches without increasing the price. Universal.The exclusive APP can see the real-time flow of people in each hall, and can also make reservations for classes, fitness meals, etc. It is very powerful.

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Taichung - grass training

Hancao Training is a non-binding gym located in the West District of Taichung. It uses an intelligent system to make the entire venue intelligent.For example, users can use the app to display barcodes for entry scanning, and the lockers use a face recognition system, which saves the trouble of carrying keys and other troubles, and can be opened only by swiping their faces.

Check out the full introduction to Brassica Training


Ear picking is not just about cleaning earwax, it’s also a feast of hearing and touch! Modern life is full of pressure. How long has it been since your boyfriend took a break? Next time you arrange a surprise birthday plan for your boyfriend, you might as well give him an ear-picking experience. In addition to ear cleaning, the entire treatment will also be equipped with feathers, tuning fork vibrations, and ear candles to help relax around the ears. In addition, many ear-picking shops also provide multiple services such as eye hot compress, facial spa, body spa, etc. I believe that people will fall in love with the numbing ear-picking experience once they try it.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Lubaobao Ear Picking SPA

Lubaobaby has two branches in Taipei, the Sanchong Founding Store and the Neihu Flagship Store. It provides full appointment-based ear picking services in Taipei, from ear picking, silver bead eye washing, eye pressure relief, eye atomization SPA, facial muscle pulling , ear candle SPA, neck, shoulder and head pressure relief, complete eye to shoulder and neck relaxation services, suitable for all people with high pressure in life.

View the complete introduction of Lubaobao’s ear-picking

Kaohsiung - Tammy's

There are five floors of comfortable and large space in the store, each floor is designed with different services, and there is an exclusive service area for women.The space design is mainly based on warm wood tones, and earth tones are used to make people relax physically and mentally.The experience of ear candle purification lasts about 80 minutes, and you can experience ear picking and ear candle at the same time, as well as exclusive singing bowl healing.

View the full introduction of ear fans

The above is the recommended itinerary for my boyfriend’s birthday this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 boyfriend birthday surprise plan proposals to give you some inspiration when you are still worried about what to give boys as gifts. But in fact, giving gifts is just a way to convey emotions. What is important is not the item, but the bits and pieces of the process of getting along. I hope that through this activity recommendation, we can allow each other to participate in these activities, and then use them. The relationship is taken to the next level and beautiful shared memories are created.

In addition to the above recommendations, boys can refer toGirlfriend Birthday Gift Tips, to arrange a unique birthday date, you can also refer to this article based on the 12 zodiac signs.Recommended date itinerary for couples, to find the most suitable dating experience for each zodiac sign.

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