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Although every day can be Valentine's Day as long as the relationship is sweet, the annual February 2th is coming soon. If you can plan an unforgettable Valentine's Day date, it will surely make your relationship a lot more intense!Still don’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day?husband!Boyfriend!Look over here, TWOSEVENTHS We have shared 10 exciting Valentine’s Day activities, so hurry up and plan them.

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Creating a keepsake exclusive to each other by yourself can be said to be the most romantic thing in the Valentine's Day dating itinerary!At present, there are many metalworking shops in Taiwan. The materials and styles can be customized. According to the preferences and personalities of the couple, not only can you have a unique pair of couple rings, but the ordinary time in the production process can also become an eternal memory.There are branches all over Taiwan Art64, Goldwork works can be taken away on the same day, it is very suitable to participate with the other half.

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ART64 has branches all over Taiwan, offering experience items ranging from the most basic rings, necklaces, and bracelets to gold jewelry creation courses; all metalwork is completed on the same day and can be taken away immediately. In addition to the small gifts prepared in advance for students participating in the metalworking course, the store will also provide one-day silversmith certification cards and event photos after the event!

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The weather in February is still cold, which is the most suitable for soaking in hot springs!Find a hot spring hotel and enjoy the private soup house with only each other. Some shops can also enjoy the outdoor scenery while soaking in the hot spring. Enjoy such a quiet time with your significant other in the steam, ordinary but romantic.There are many hot spring clubs all over Taiwan, mostly in the northBeitou,Yangmingshan,WulaiThe area; the central part is Tai'an andGuguanThese two areas are the most popular; in the south, Guanziling, Baolai, and Sichongxi are the main areas.Some soup houses are full of privacy, some emphasize beautiful scenery to enjoy, and some are combined with SPA. After soaking in the soup, you can directly massage and super relieve pressure.If you don't know what to do on Valentine's Day, go to the hot spring!You can refer to the following hot spring evaluation articles and choose the one that suits you best as a Valentine’s Day dating itinerary.

Sweat curtain

If you are a couple who like to stay at home and watch Korean dramas, steaming is a very suitable activity for you on Valentine's Day.Stay in the steam room together to relax, help each other make cute croissants, apply facial masks, and eat boiled eggs together, as if walking into the dating scene of the male and female protagonists in Korean dramas.In addition to being fun and fun, the sweat steaming screen can also expand the pores of the body, discharge sweat and harmful substances, increase metabolism and detoxify!like kaohsiungNatural Mud·Sweat Steam, will provide free healthy red bean purple rice porridge and medicinal eggs and other nutritious meals, Taipei'sStone of LightIt can also be combined with massage services, so that the Valentine's Day date is also a body detoxification journey.

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Taipei - Stone of Light Steam Curtain

Light Stone Energy Steam Club is near Nanjing Sanmin MRT Station. There are rest areas, dressing rooms, and two steam rooms in the store. The floor of the steam room is paved with special electric stones, allowing customers to interact with negative ions under far-infrared rays. To achieve the best effect of the course of treatment.One experience consists of 40 minutes of steaming and 30 minutes of sweating.

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Ear picking is a very popular activity in Taiwan recently. In addition to the well-known ear picking services, ear candles, eye washes, singing bowls and other treatments are added to enjoy the thrill of intracranial orgasms that you can't usually experience!Many ear picking studios provide boxes for couples or couples to pick ears together, so that you can take into account privacy while kaohsiungear fans, the five-story grand space is like coming to an online beauty cafe. In addition to the comfortable ear-picking treatment, small snacks will be provided at the end for you to enjoy in a beautiful environment; located in Taichung North District Hearing ear craftsman, a warm and comfortable space where you and your significant other can enjoy the entire space to yourself. In addition to ear care, you can also enjoy eye care, facial spa and other additional relaxation.Hurry up and book ear picking as a Valentine’s Day date trip, it will definitely surprise your significant other!

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Kaohsiung - Tammy's

There are five floors of comfortable and large space in the store, each floor is designed with different services, and there is an exclusive service area for women.The space design is mainly based on warm wood tones, and earth tones are used to make people relax physically and mentally.The experience of ear candle purification lasts about 80 minutes, and you can experience ear picking and ear candle at the same time, as well as exclusive singing bowl healing.

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Taichung - Hearing ear craftsman

In addition to services such as ear picking, ear candling SPA, and silver bead eye treatment, the ear craftsmen of Hearing also provide facial SPA.The light music in the store and the soft voice of the ear picker are relaxing.The store provides a LIVE screen, allowing customers to see the condition of their ears in real time.In addition, four shop cats will appear in the studio, adding a lot of cute atmosphere.

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Cooking classes can bring a lot of emotional exchanges and accumulation of memories, such as interactive learning in class, and enjoying delicious food together after the end, which can effectively promote mutual relationship, and you can also secretly observe that maybe the other half is a good cook Artistic talent, the days to come will be blessed!There are many cooking courses all over Taiwan, including Chinese and Western cuisine, so even couples who are new to cooking don’t have to worry. The teacher will teach you the meeting. Hurry up and make an appointment to plan your unique Valentine’s Day event.

picking strawberries

February happens to be the peak season for strawberries. There are many strawberry gardens in the central part that are suitable for one-day trips. Some strawberry gardens even have cafes, where you can first taste strawberry hot pot, strawberry milk and other diverse strawberry products, and then go to the strawberry garden Experience the fun of picking strawberries by yourself. Strawberries picked together with each other should taste sweeter when you go home.Strawberry Park is mostly located in the suburbs, and self-driving is the recommended mode of transportation. If you choose toStrawberry picking in Taichung, can also be arranged after the endNight View Cafe,barWait for a romantic Valentine's Day date itinerary to end a perfect day.

room escape

Room escape is generally considered to be an activity suitable for groups or a group of friends, but in fact there are many themes as long as 2-3 people can form a group, very suitable for the Valentine's Day date itinerary for couples who love to use their brains.It is best to choose a more frightening or difficult theme, so that the other half can share the trouble with you when you are helpless, and it can warm up the relationship even more!like taipei fun lock "Infected" topics, or LoGin "This Case is a bit Big" is a good choice for Valentine's Day activities.

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Taipei - LoGin Room Escape Room

LoGin Room Escape Studio has a total of 3 room escape games, one is the tomb exploration and thrilling "Waiting for Someone - Tomb Robbery", the other is "This Case is a bit Big", the style is more fantasy adventure, and the latest is "Livid Bar" specializes in immersive theater.Although the number of themes is not large, the scenes, mechanisms, stories, and puzzles are all extremely outstanding, and they often become a trend as soon as they are released!

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Who says you can't dive in winter?Xiaoliuqiu is like spring all year round, even in the cold February, you can dive in the warm waters.The itinerary for the Valentine’s Day meeting is a three-day, two-night trip to Xiaoliuqiu. Those with a license can come to Fun Dive, and those without a license can also experience diving. Explore the mysterious underwater world with the other half, presumably any disputes and troubles Can be forgotten.If you are a couple who are afraid of water at first, you can come firstdive into the snowTry to experience diving, and the instructor will teach you to get close to the sea slowly.andCurio DivingThere is an underwater propeller, and you can swim in the sea without kicking slowly with fin shoes. It is a unique experience like taking a high-speed train in the water!

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Xiaoliuqiu - SNOWDIVING

SNOWDIVING is a diving shop located in Xiaoliuqiu, offering a variety of diving courses and itineraries, including scuba diving certification, Fun Dive, boat diving and scuba diving experience.Classes use PADI and SSI systems with a 1:3 teacher-student ratio.In addition, snow diving also provides an additional package itinerary to make it easier for guests to participate in diving activities.

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Little Liuqiu - Diving in Liuqiu

The instructor of Juliu Diving will select suitable diving sites and diving routes according to the experience and skill level of divers to ensure the safety of divers.In addition to providing diving-related courses and activities, Juliu Diving also pays attention to environmental protection, encouraging divers to respect marine ecology and protect the marine environment.

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If you and your other half are outdoor cafes, but you are tired of more common activities such as going up the mountain and going down to the sea, you can try the unpopular but very interesting horseback riding experience!In fact, there are horse farms all over Taiwan. If you are inexperienced, you can try a single experience class first. There will be professional instructors leading you to experience the fun of horse riding. Talented people may be able to enjoy the thrill of galloping in just one class.In addition to horse riding, many horse farms also have many other experience activities, such as feeding ponies, bathing them, or horse knowledge courses, and even taking you to ride a horse across streams and mountains. It is a lover who is very suitable for outdoor couples. Festival event planning.


hey-hey!Going to a motel is definitely a must-go Valentine's Day date spot to heat up the relationship!Especially now that there are more and more equipment in motels. In addition to the thunder and fire, there are various equipment such as jacuzzi, swimming pool and KTV in the room. No matter if you rest for 3 hours or stay all night, you will not be bored. Some motels even have a built-in kitchen department, and the room service food and drinks are delivered directly to the door without leaving the door.This kind of Valentine's Day dating itinerary is very suitable for long-distance couples, who don't usually have the chance to meet each other, or take advantage of today's 24-hour sticky TT to stay by each other's side.

The above is TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 Valentine’s Day date locations and activities. Each couple has different personalities and preferences, and their way of getting along must also have their own pace. I hope this article can help you who haven’t planned your itinerary yet. Quickly choose one from above. Find the proposal that suits you best!As long as you prepare carefully, the other person will definitely feel your love and affection for him. I wish everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day date, and I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

In addition to Valentine's Day, girlfriend's birthday is also an important moment for boyfriends to show their will to survive. If you don't know how to arrange a suitable girlfriend's birthday gift and itinerary, this articleGirlfriend Birthday Arrangement TipsRecommended for you.

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