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The summer vacation is here, but haven't thought about where to go during the summer vacation?Don't waste your rare vacation, if you want to know the best places to go in summer vacation, let TWOSEVENTHS Take you up the mountain and down to the sea, you can go to high-altitude mountains to enjoy the cool breeze, or play water sports on the beach to cool down.Taiwan has mountains, seas, and small islands. TWOSEVENTHS I want to share 12 activities suitable for parent-child, indoor, night, and water activities. Let’s see if there are any summer activities suitable for you!

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Parent-child summer activities

Parent-child summer activities

Summer is the time for children to go on summer vacation. Does staring at each other wear down each other's patience every day? TWOSEVENTHS Selected 3 recommended parent-child summer vacation activities, some are still and some are moving, some are indoors and some are outdoors. Take the children out of the house to discharge. Not only can the parent-child relationship be promoted, but adults can also take the opportunity to relax and recharge.

Parent-child summer vacation activity recommendation #1 camping

Recently, there has been a wave of camping in Taiwan. If you have all kinds of camping props, this is the time to use them for summer vacation!Many camping areas are located in open countryside or high-altitude mountains. Compared with the sultry city, the temperature is lower and the air is fresher. When camping, you can observe the rich ecology unique to summer, the singing of insects at night and the clear starry sky. It is definitely a summer vacation. ideas.Don’t worry if you don’t have your own camping props. You can find luxury camping areas from south to north in Taiwan. From tents, beds, toilets, to three meals a day, you can prepare them for you, so that you don’t need to set up a tent, buy ingredients, etc. Trouble, some camps also provide various activities: baking pizza, observing ecology, hiking, etc. Even if there is no mobile phone signal, it is not boring at all.

Parent-child Summer Vacation Activities Recommendation #2 Parent-child Paradise

If you still want to stay in the air-conditioned room, when it comes to summer activities suitable for parents and children, the indoor parent-child park is definitely on the list.There are many indoor children's playgrounds all over Taiwan, providing a variety of amusement facilities suitable for children of different ages. While playing, they can also stimulate children's muscle development, sense of balance, etc. For example, power sand can improve children's creativity, sound and light effects Can train children's hand-eye coordination ability.In addition, some parent-child parks also provide courses or activities that can be registered. Parents can take the opportunity to rest and relax during class. Parent-child parks can make both parents and children happy. It is the perfect answer to where to go during summer vacation.

Parent-child summer vacation activity recommendation #3 Whale watching

When it comes to the east coast of Taiwan, the first thing that comes to mind is the endless Pacific Ocean. On cloudless days, the beauty of the sea and sky is a popular destination for summer tourism.Whale and dolphin watching is a very special summer activity on the east coast. Not only can you see the lovely cetaceans close at hand and swim leisurely beside the boat, but you can also enjoy the thrill of riding the wind and waves while blowing the cool sea breeze!There are currently three whale watching locations in Taiwan: Guishan Island in Yilan, Shiti Harbor in Hualien and Chenggong Harbor in Taitung.While you are exploring the sea, don't forget to take the most important sun protection measures for summer vacation activities!

Water summer activities

Water summer activities

In the hot summer, playing water sports in the cool water is also a kind of enjoyment, and it can also dispel the hot summer heat.There are quite a variety of water sports in Taiwan, such as the lazy river floating lazily in the river, the wild creek in the suburbs, or various water sports at sea, such as SUP, diving, canoe, jet ski, etc. Come on refer to TWOSEVENTHS Below is a selection of 3 water sports proposals for summer day trips.

Recommended Summer Activities on the Water #1 Diving

Drilling into the blue sea is definitely the first choice for summer vacation water sports. There is no hot sun, only the quiet time between you and the underwater creatures.Taiwan is a treasure island, although it is small, there are many world-class diving spots, such asnortheast corner,green island,Small Ryukyu,Kenting, Penghu, etc., all have different characteristics of the underwater ecology that can be explored.Diving is generally divided intoFree divingOrscuba diving, Both require a certificate. If you have never tried it, you can try the experience diving activities that almost every dive shop will launch. After understanding your ability and interests, you can choose a suitable certificate for further study!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Xiaoliuqiu - SNOWDIVING

SNOWDIVING is a diving shop located in Xiaoliuqiu, offering a variety of diving courses and itineraries, including scuba diving certification, Fun Dive, boat diving and scuba diving experience.Classes use PADI and SSI systems with a 1:3 teacher-student ratio.In addition, snow diving also provides an additional package itinerary to make it easier for guests to participate in diving activities.

View Qianxue's full introduction

Kenting-Beyond The Surface Diving

Beyond The Surface Diving provides SSI and PADI diving certification courses, the teacher-student ratio is up to 1:4, and will record photos or videos of the class process.When classes are held in winter, the store will provide thicker winter clothes and jackets to prevent students from catching cold.In addition to scuba diving, there are also free diving and mermaid courses to choose from.

View the full introduction of Beyond The Surface Diving

Recommended Summer Vacation Activities on Water #2 Lazy River

Have you ever played the "lazy river" in the water park?Drifting slowly along the waterway in the swimming circle, comfortable and cool, is a popular facility with long queues in the park.Now there is a more exciting version - the natural lazy river, lying lazily half in the floating circle, drifting down the stream, the stream is sometimes rushing and sometimes slow, adding a lot of fun.There are magnificent mountain walls on both sides of the valley. Soaking in the cold stream along the way and enjoying the summer scenery of layers of mountains is definitely a great summer enjoyment!There are three floating river scenic spots in Taiwan: Nagu, Yilan Mountain, Longtoushan, Maolin, Kaohsiung, and Wutai, Pingtung. Usually, there will be coaches to accompany the whole process, and it is a good place for summer vacation because of safety.

Water summer vacation activity recommendation #3 Wild Creek Waterfall

When it comes to where to go during the summer vacation, Yexi Waterfall must be on the list. In various hidden secrets in the mountains and forests, wandering in the streams and enjoying the washing of the waterfall seems to be able to wash away the exhaustion of the whole body, and of course it can also wash away the heat of the whole body.There are many wild creek waterfalls in Taiwan from north to south, such as Xinbei Earthworm Pit, Taichung Guguan Dam Tail Water Outlet Waterfall, Pingtung Shenshan Waterfall, etc. are popular tourist attractions in summer, but after all, they are outdoor natural attractions, and there are risks Higher, everyone must pay attention to safety when playing. If there are signs such as no entry or no water play, you must obey them just in case!

Evening Class Summer Activities

Recommendations for summer vacation activities at night

If you are a girl who loves beauty and is afraid of the sun, or a boy who is prone to sweat, the night after the sun goes down is a good time for summer vacation activities.Whether it is drinking and drinking coffee outdoors with the gentle breeze, enjoying the fun of night fishing by boat, or paddling a SUP in the water to feel the world and everything in the water as if you only have your own time, it is a great summer resort.follow TWOSEVENTHS , What kind of activity inspiration do you have for summer nights?

Nighttime Summer Vacation Activities Recommended #1 Night View Café

The cities in western Taiwan are densely populated, and many night-view cafes or high-altitude bars have developed.Most of the night scene cafes are located in the suburbs of the city. You can see the lights of the city from a distance, and the surrounding insects and birds are unique in summer. It is a must-win trick for dating, such as Shalu, Longjing, Dadu and other districts in Taichung. , because it is located on a higher terrain, many special night view cafes have been developed. It is very beautiful to see the night view from the sunset.Most of the high-altitude bars are located in the center of the city. There are many unique high-altitude bars in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. The bars are surrounded by other buildings, giving them the feeling of the center of the universe. Drunken romance.

Nighttime summer vacation activity recommendation #2 Night paddling SUP

Usually when going to sightseeing spots, SUP is used during sunrise or other daytime hours. Although the sight line is good during the day and you can see the beautiful lakes and mountains nearby, it is easy to be intimidated by the bright summer sun.However, in fact, some places in Taiwan have launched night paddling SUP experience. For example, Penghu launched the activity of paddling to the center of the water to watch fireworks at close range during the Fireworks Festival; Kaohsiung Lianchitan also launched night paddling SUP activities to watch the starry sky and the nearby temple lighting. experience.If you also like to paddle SUP but are afraid of the heat, night paddling is a great choice for summer vacation activities.

Recommended summer activities on the water #3 Night fishing

In the scorching sun, not only humans cannot stay outside, but fish in the sea are also afraid to hide.If you want to experience the fun of fishing, summer night fishing is definitely a good choice!There are night fishing activities in Keelung, Hualien, Penghu and Green Island. At night in summer, there are all kinds of fish species such as white hairtail, horse mackerel, tofu and small pipes. Not only can you catch Bring home fresh catches, and have the opportunity to taste freshly caught seafood dishes.Sail with the captain at night and ride on the shining fishing boat. Don’t worry even if you are a novice fisherman. The professional captain will personally guide you. Tourists just enjoy the sea breeze and wait for the fish to take the bait.

Indoor summer activities

Indoor summer activities

Speaking of where to go during summer vacation?Many people think that all kinds of indoor activities are the first choice for a good summer vacation. Sitting indoors and blowing the air-conditioning leisurely, it seems that all the heat outside has nothing to do with me. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 3 interesting indoor activities, whether it is indoor skiing to experience the thrill of going abroad, competing with friends on the indoor rock climbing field, or quietly sipping coffee and painting in the studio, they are all great choose.

Recommended Indoor Summer Activities #1 Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing has become more and more popular in recent years. In addition to avoiding the heat of direct sunlight indoors, complete safety equipment allows novices to practice more safely. Rock climbing can not only train muscles and body coordination, but also conquer different routes. Can train the brain too!There are many indoor rock climbing fields all over Taiwan, each with different characteristics, such as MegaSTONE Focus on the diversity of 360-degree surround routes,Corner Climbing GymThe two branches add up to a total of more than 100 routes, covering various terrains and routes.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei- MegaSTONE

Xinzhuang MegaSTONE provides bouldering and climbing. With a bouldering wall up to 4.7 meters, it can be said to be one of the most spacious indoor rock climbing venues in Taipei.Nearly 8 routes, the difficulty spans VB-VXNUMX+, the exclusive feature is the Nakajima rock climbing tower, the climbing is full of changes and challenges.In addition, a variety of auxiliary equipment such as fingerboards and Kilter Boards are also provided to allow rock players of different levels to practice.

View the full introduction of MegaSTONE

Recommended Indoor Summer Activities #3 Skiing

Although Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone, there are no natural ski resorts, but fortunately, there are many indoor ski resorts in northern Taiwan. Not only can you satisfy your desire to ski, but you can also escape the scorching heat in a comfortable and cool room, pretending that you are in the white snow Flying romantic snow country.There are cable cars in some ski resorts, which can simulate the feeling of getting on and off the cable car in the ski resort, and it will definitely bring you the feeling of going abroad.Some ski resorts directly have artificial snow, and you need to wear real snow suits and snow pants to ski inside. The temperature is completely inversely proportional to the hot sun outside.If you are also a ski lover, choose a favorite indoor ski resort to cool off in summer!

Indoor Summer Activities Recommendation #2 Drawing

If you are tired of having appointments with friends in restaurants during the summer vacation, you might as well try to go to the studio together to experience painting experience courses such as oil painting, sketching and watercolor that you seldom have access to!There is no need to worry that you have no foundation in painting or artistic talent. Under the patient guidance and careful explanation of the teacher, as long as you relax and brush, you will definitely be able to complete a work that you can't even imagine.Recently, multiple studio cafes have been opened in many places, allowing you to enjoy coffee and light meals while creating, and enjoy a variety of activities while hiding indoors. It is undoubtedly one of the must-have activities for this summer vacation experience!

The above are the recommended activities for this summer vacation.Have you decided where to go during the summer vacation after reading it?Although Taiwan is hot in summer, there are many suitable summer attractions or activities. Instead of staying in an air-conditioned room all day, you still need to get out of the house in time to plan a summer day trip.Whether it is to experience a variety of water activities, plan summer parent-child activities with children, find indoor places to exercise, or go out for a walk at night, it is a good summer vacation activity.follow TWOSEVENTHS The 12 good places for summer vacation recommended above will make your summer vacation not empty!

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